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And go nutri dot com slash radio 3 53 traffic and weather together. Theseus Maru retailers up New England All wheel drive traffic on the threes. Well, it's an afternoon commute now, Mike Yeah, It certainly has been. Yet We've got our share of busy highways and that includes the expressway. South bound is just crawling out of the tunnel most of the way down to the gas tank and then a little after schooI them straight through the Braintree split over too well, continuing on to 93 south into Randolph from an earlier crash by route 28. The North found expressway. Not so bad. Well, it's slow going as you passed over Neponset Circle. There are delays coming up towards the tunnel that was set off by an earlier crash. Route three on the shot of South shore. Not so bad right now. Room 1 38 South is worse than usual through Milton from an earlier crash right in the Milton Can't in line now up north of the city, 93 North has hung up assembly square up to Medford than Mondale. Life up to 1 28 4 95 has already eased out through Westford. Just a while ago, There was a North found crash by Boston Road. All gone. 1 20 eight's Pretty Good. Waltham, a Pinto Wakefield. No incidents to report there and the worst of it downtown Storrow Drive, which is solid back to the Longfellow Bridge. This report, sponsored by Zeke will pure Z's. You have to be up in five hours, two hours and you haven't slept Vixie Quilp. Your disease is a drug free blend of botanicals with an optimal dose of melatonin that helps you fall asleep naturally and wake with no next day grogginess Zeke will pure Z's naturally superior sleep. My king WBC's traffic on the three So we get a check of the four day WBZ Jack your weather forecast years, Brian, We'll have a couple of snow showers lingering into early this evening along the coast, Otherwise windy and frigid Tonight is to clear the sky out alot of nine Thank you what a real.

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