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I've never I've never been able to lose this much fat seven cardio sessions that's for sure let's, talk about my results I was at. Your officers what was it several weeks ago and you had just gotten the contour light body system in your office so I was one of the first to try it I lost over four. Inches In one thirty and I couldn't believe it but then I was you know I. Put my pants, on at a suit on that day my my pants were baggy and it, was it was amazing I couldn't believe it it's, like almost was extraordinary so we're noticing so. Yes so this is an. And and and you know I mentioned liposuction anybody thinking about liposuction painful there's downtime it's expensive with the contour system five pounds is six sessions. Five to. Twenty, pounds weight loss ten sessions twenty, pounds and more. Twenty sessions and Dr Smith's did as you said people are keeping. It loss to. That's true Yep it staying. Off and just following a. Sense and the results are nominal well this is this is pretty amazing and again this this really does. Go back in a tip of the hat to the. To the space program because As we've learned a lot about about light wavelengths of light, and when you start to read, the science and we've done quite a bit of you know here on the consumer team. We we vet these things and in, fact as I stated I tried this myself I was really interested, to learn more but, you start, looking at what NASA and again space exploration has done for. Us and on on a number of levels. And this LED. Light technology that's really. What we're talking about today. Is allowing us to to. Lose fat and inches in a, new way and, Dr Terry let's face it and you know. I'm dealing. With some knee issues right now. You get to get the forty five fifty sixty years old, and I, can't do a cardio workout like I used to so when I'm able, to do the contour light body. Makeover and. Do, a thirty minute session and lose four inches combine it with the vibration. Therapy, which is why we need to. Do a, segment, on that alone because that's pretty amazing so the vibration therapy with the contour it gives you the The ability to to basically replicate a bunch of workouts. And not have that wear and tear, on your body Yep Doing so we're we're really really happy with the, results and especially some of the patients that are more sedentary, and haven't been. Able, to work out like they want they're able to to lose that those unwanted inches in really really fast way well I know, we're very, confident very, excited that our listeners have. A chance to experience the contour light body. Makeover that in fact you know three weeks. You could have a new that's what's so exciting about this worship confident you're confident that people. Are gonna love this you're opening up your doors for a free test drive. Of the, contoured light body sculpting system so tell our listeners. What, that. Is. And how they can participate in this you know this free offer this free trial of the contour yeah thanks yeah all. They need to.

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