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And I was I was I was I was on Dom a rarez front porch with Lisa lane gang. I don't know how happened and there was a bunch of moths in the late. And then a Mark on my ear and swipe it off. And then I heard this. Aw. It's it's here. It's here. To. So I. For how long should. So. That really. Fucking busy harder than anything to come out. So I had to drive to cedars the whole time in the car. Still alive? Get out because it was drawn to the light wouldn't he? Putting a flashlight around smart right to the hospital. I turn around. I don't think he could turn around guys going further in your is to malls. What lobster traps outta lobsters? So I go to the go to the cedars poorly says with me, and I say there's a month of may year. So they put me in the room. And then I sit in the room for two hours. Yeah. Just keep coming walking out and. What are they doing? That's taking so long in the back churning butter like what just come in. So finally, doctor comes in because what's happening a Muslim. And he goes, yeah. Did. He took a cotton ball, so canal Kahal. Jammed it in my ear, and he said that would've evaporate it would take all the oxygen out. And then they hear this month, slowly dying. Howard happening here. Story. I've ever heard the lead the, Nope. Him up your butt. So finally Sarry wall tomorrow, slowly. They flush it out. And then. I had it for a while pen to a little card at my car. But then I and this is why I thought of this. I went to Schnittke for something like a month later, and he looked in my ear, and he said did you have a bug in your ear? No come on. And I said on my ear drum was human suck moths number one. All right. Thank you. Everyone. The silvery silvery dust was I wanna thank Jane. We'd Lind Dana Gould, I. TV so happy busy back you for coming. Busy. Thank you guys for coming. This past should be up in about a week or so we'll have all the photos up on the Instagram. Thank you for coming. Enjoy the rest of the festival you guys. Thanks..

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