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You're dependent that was a FOX trot, and depending upon the dance, it's it's all about like a golf swing. If your head is in the wrong place, then your feet are in the wrong place and the balls you're gonna slice the ball. I don't know if you saw Phil Mickelson's recent commercial for his new button-down. Golf shirt is dress shirt button down long sleeve, golf shirt, but he might have already started piloting dancing with the golf stars. He has. He did some dance moves and a leg kick. He really, it was something, you know, it's not the old joke about the golf shirt where you you tie string around your man parts and to your button to keep your damn head down. No. He goes, wow. What do you think the radio. Okay. Radio audience. Phil Mickelson. Don't worry. Oh, you've seen this guy. Wow. Okay. I've never seen. No, no, no waving finger those moves. Oh, come on really? How how fast would he be voted off dancing with the Gulf snow? I think he did well that was doing the worm. There's no way doing the. Shlomi the floss. Phil show me the flaws. So John Schneider here. Now you realize that you are not the only John Schneider on by do correct. I do realize that. Yes. And are we are we on radio? We are on radio, then you know you're a Michigan guy, so I'm going to have to tell you, I think the two most underrated running backs to ever play at Michigan in my opinion. You come correct with Jamie Morris and Tim, whose name I can hardly pronounce really to Bianca Bianca, Toco well-done. Right. And yeah. So what do you think about that? You agree with that. No, it's John. These are not notes. This is just just since we're on radio. This is just coming to my mind. What else is on your mind? What else is on my mind is I'm wondering. Did bow my namesake sham Boeckler. Yeah. Did he actually attend Michigan? He did not. He went to the, you went to Miami. Ninety went to Miami of Ohio, which is also referred to as the cradle of coaches Ango. We have a winner. We have a winner. Can you name any other famous Miami Ohio coaches besides Bo. Can I phone a friend on this phone? A friend phone me to list hold on. I want to phone a friend right now. John Schneider general manager of the Seattle Seahawks. You're on the phone line right now with that guy. Buddy. Everything's good. You guys. I'm trying to do you proud here. I know you gotta rip a name. Well, Woody Hayes, of course. I mean, come on. I happen to be watching television today. Would he clocked that kid? Is that right? Yeah, I I was what you being on the show. John don't don't worry about web. How about what about Gary Moeller? Gary Moeller come on. So do you John chanter of we? I know I need to do this properly. Football, John Schneider. How do you know how do you know actor Jonah Seahawks gentleman, John Schneider here on the phone right now? Yes. John mutual friend agent named Brad tests that are hooked up. Yep. And I was, you know, I was that kid Friday night, seven o'clock, you know, sitting in the family room couldn't wait for, you know, dukes on. That's my guy. It's so great John and I have this thing called talk Walker alerts. Okay. And I kept that's how I learned so much about you John because I, my name would kept popping up and I'm thinking, what have I done to get all this press? Was it me? No, it was you. It was you. So hopefully you got some of my press. At least it's, you know, it's woken you up in the middle of the night and you thought, oh, what wonderful thing? If I done now, did you know your dancing with the stars..

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