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Favorite segments. Pull up her dish. We got some interesting topics to discuss. Rudy gobert being the favourite for defensive player of the year. He's currently is at minus three. Thirty five been simmons zap plus two thirty on the jump. Ben simmons said i one of those guys who can guard one through five. He's great down there in the paint but he's not guarding everybody. He gardening utah. I had forty. Two am not a score. Basically saying that look really can guard fives and fours but he can't guard every position. Since i can guard position. I should when divas to play a year and i think i am pulling up on this. I am a big bear fan. I think he's a great defender block. Shots he changes the game. But i do like. Ben simmons versatility. I think in this case They should definitely look at some of the defensive metrics but should also take into account The fact that been guarding one through five but at the end of the day. I think rudy wednesday but i think been definitely has a case. There also could be a case for code defensive player year for the regular rudy leads the nba david's a wind shares at three point. Eight defence a real plus minus at plus six and have a little ass through here embiid score forty on kgo bear in march. Jobs has averaged forty wanted to match ups verse bear. Those are two of the best players in the nba to mvp candidates. Who have basically showed their unstoppable. I definitely think mattress statistics inability to guard. The whole floor should be taken into account. I think that the impact a player has on a team should take into account. And i think they both impact their teams in a positive light rudy. Definitely protects the basket. He changes the game. He blocked shots been just of reeks habit. He get stills allows their team to kind of push the break in makes them very switchable so me personally. I liked them both. I would rather have a guy who can guard all five than a guy who can protect the railing. But i think they both are extremely important. Extremely necessarily i think rudy is the perfect center for utah because he blocked shots. He's low maintenance he can make the extra pass can finish around the basket. And i think ben gives them a lot of versatility because he could guard every position. He can give Embiid a break at times. He can go guard fours and fives as well. Another situation that we are seeing occur very often is players becoming owners. Three time in moby. Mvp alex rodriguez is negotiating to become the next owner of the timber. Wolves anthony edwards was asked about it and said i'm even know who that is. I don't know anything about baseball. Which is funny. Because he's nineteen which means born two thousand two ish so it kind of gives you an idea of how old he is. But i'm pulling up on this. I'm happy about players. Becoming owners players understanding the importance of diversifying understanding the importance of the power to that they have and i think players have a great idea of Would life is like as a player so they'll become pretty good owners in in terms of providing what needs to be provided for them in understanding how to kind of organize and manage a team. Lebron also being another player. Who's part of the fenway sports group ownership which owns the red sox and liverpool football club patti mayonnaise agape patrick mahomes part owner of the casey royals en- derek jeter with marlins jordan with the hornets. Obviously imagine with the dodgers. So i'm pulling up on this. I'm excited about it I think they're probably will never become a time. Where part of teams ownership comes in player contracts Just because of some legalities around that. But i do have interest in potentially becoming a part owner of a team at some point Looking forward to learning more about it. Obviously you need a lot of funds for that. So i have to diversify so that i can afford How expensive but a lot of players are learning more about the business realm of not only sports entertainment and are very knowledgeable and taking advantage of their time. So i'm happy to see players coming owners everywhere..

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