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Shoots it. He's fouled on the play, and he'll be at the line for two. It's something's a Britney. We will not be they said to get bad before. How about that? For sure he was found in the act of shooting. There was only been to the free throw line three times his game. Freeman with the basketball on the right elbow back to the bucket, kicks it outside the dandy right back to Fremantle. He is literally triple team, then fighting to maintain possession of it finds Cobi Jones on a cut. He kicks it to the corner and we've got a three second call. Jack Free Mail. Yeah, Joe, this is what happens when Paul Scruggs is out of the game. Zabrze needs some time to kind of settle into these new roles and who's going to be the fist of the offense? Because right now They're trying to figure that out, which will brings it across the timeline of passed into the corner. Ripple across the free throw line of feed to the baseline of the finger roll layup is missed by O'Connell Rebound taken by Kiki, It's Andy. I'd like to see Kiki Tan to get involved in the offense. Little more right now he needs to step up and try to start taking this game over. Along the baseline to Carter back in his way in on the right block, spins on his man and dribbles it out of bounds. It'll be Creighton's basketball Jason Bishop, that time on the spin move. It is easy, spotty, tried to pull the ball across his body, lost it and went out of bounds. 51 46 great with the lead 10 05 to go. Jason Carter is not the guy to create in that situation. You want to get the ball that Zach Freeman control brings it across the timeline. Jones takes it from the wing through the free throw line about the right side of the floor. We've got a whistle and a traveling call. That'll go against Zach around ski. He's bewildered by that call. Look at the official that was demonstrating how he actually Stopped on the floor and establish the pivot foot is he tracks back to play defense. That call certainly will stand of a sudden a bevy of turnovers. Savior with eight crate with nine had to give it up to Carter at the point now Johnson along the left wing. Backing up top of the key to Colby Jones had a Carter's house download a free mail, but it never gets here Selected taken away as timber crowd that time into the corner. Alec, with the left side, frozen back out the ballot, has stepped out of bounds when he caught it deep into the corner. He took that step back, you'll see happen to so many players were so deep in the corner, he took his right foot back. And before you knew it, he was out of real estate out of the court, and that's a turnover so Xavier will get the ball back looking for some offense, trailing 51 46 with 9 26 to go. This is not the game I expected. No, it's not Joe Jason Carter needs to go out of the gang because he's just turned the ball over. Not playing with any confidence been Stanley's in for him to see if he can do any better. Candy fires a three and it's no good that was taking high on the right point. I say bye, Cobi Jones into the lane. But it's Snared by a Creighton basketball players now across the timeline, the low post a bishop, those upper left him jump.

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