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Up the dialogue of, let's make nuclear weapons why we stopped making nuclear weapons. Why don't we use nuclear weapons like it's like he's doing the Serb buffoonery but I feel like in a way, it's kind of like. You know like Oh way we are making nuclear weapons and. So people are sort of noticing. Yeah and I hope with your film even more people. I feel like. Nuclear waste and cove in nineteen would be like bff's if they ever met each other because they have a lot in common like a lot of people talk about it some people don't really address that it's a problem. We don't know of Covid nineteen could affect you years down the road like. Being nuclear poisoning would so. Maybe, those two are the first horse people of course, people horsemen of the apocalypse, right? Yeah. No totally I mean like. I mean like with nuclear, it's just like this invisible contamination and your family are dying and you're like, why are they all dying and there's all sorts of just like with Cova there's all these leg sort of little sort of symptoms that you're getting and you're confused as to how they're related and you think like some of the Michael Assam really big a deal I can still function and do what I need to do. Yeah and then catch up with either you or the people that are around you. So. I have a little sports bracket here. It's very small, which shows you how much I know about sports, but I'm going to rattle off some countries in. We'll see you know which one do you think is more dangerous in terms of nuclear weapons So North Korea vs Saudi Arabia who are you more worried about and why? I think currently. North Korea. Really as opposed to Saudi Arabia intentionally Saudi. Arabia. Yeah once I know more once we more about what they're. That's true. We kind of know what North Korea's doing. We don't really know what Saudi Arabia's doing. They're being very secretive about all of the stuff that they're working on, but they definitely are working on it. So I mean of that bracket, we're GONNA choose North Korea is more concerned are it's the next bracket is Russia or Iran? Russia. Yes. Putin. is at the steering wheel of that disaster. Yeah and they also have a history of this. You know they're historically are sort of it's like we're replaying the Cold War these. It's just are like. Do. You know how many I mean do we know how many weapons Russia's producing? Yearly. I don't know how much they're producing that'd be interesting to see like what we were producing before the trump administration what Russia was doing, and then after because I could see trumping like we'll of Putin has seventy new the year I want seventy nukes many years they they are doing that right now they're not owning up like, Oh, I'm gonNA. Do this kind I'm going to do that supersonic saying my nuke is bigger than your nuke. That's that's literally what's happening I mean yeah. So it's a form of foreplay for the two of them. It's cute. Let's play with our lives. All right. So of that. we have North Korea versus Russia. Yeah. That's tough. Yeah I think I'm a bit more worried about. Tar like WHO's GonNa Trigger Trigger this this doomsday scenario that we're toying with Russia or North, Korea. Man So tough a yeah it's hard. I. Mean I think Russia is like super creepy and unsafe and Yeah. They're totally North Korea's more trigger-happy. Yeah. Definitely. They've ever done any they. They seem trigger. Happy. You don't know what the what they're doing is actually how they feel or just a strategy much like Donald trump yeah. Yeah. Yeah they have a lot. Actually they have so much in common. Yeah Kim. Yeah. They have so much common which is why I think that there is such a fight right now because I, feel like trump's feelings are legitimately hurt that like they're not hanging out as regularly as they used to. No, it's very true. Donald Trump does respect Putin and it was so the three of them three of them are you know the the Trifecta of ego and power so I I guess of the three of them the US Russia or North Korea like. Who's going to pull the trigger? Who's going to push the Red Button? Yeah, I mean I'm hoping that. Hoping it's not us. Yeah. I'm hoping that it's not us. Basically that's what I'm hoping I mean and I. Mean we've been the ones who have done it. So you know there's no. I don't know. It's it's. It's. It's it's a guessing game. But very much how people probably felt during the Cold War is just like, yeah, we watch them in the face I is anyone gonNA punched in the face back. Well Yeah I. Mean it's just a the more the more I read about Chernobyl Nocturnal I'm sorry Hiroshima and Nagasaki like. What we did after after the fact it's just really horrendous. We were not cool. No, and then. Actually what you were saying when we when we had our other chat. About Zillah, like Ariza's article that came out like a cup like a week ago or something that was actually about that. And I was like, oh. Yeah. Research that further a lot of. Art from Japan. Is this ptsd from what we did. And you know I enjoy that genre. So I kinda really feel bad it was like but it is very interesting to see like how that historical event has created an artistic genre and expression. That's timeless. I. Feel. Yeah definitely. Definitely. Definitely. It's very interesting. It's very interesting thread to this sort of discussion.

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