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There's an argument to be made for theory of mind that says that anything that helps us remember is also part of our experience of the brain. You know, searching something you'll brains such something on a machine actually have more in common that we might think. But that's that's very complex to argue. But I wrote this today and for longtime now, but very definitely since January one of this year, I've been thinking about hospitality because I wanted to container for some things. I didn't know where to put about the present moment who's kin whose family who's in who's out and just thinking this whole year about the question of hospitality has given me a way to read a lot of things that are very distressing in in this country in the world around the border, but also around domestic policy, so this one sort of goes against the grain. But I needed to put it down. The extraordinary courage of lesson. But Lee an immigrant from Mali saved six lives during a terrorist attack at a kosher supermarket at the port devan, San in twenty fifteen he was rewarded with French citizenship by the French president Francois aligned. But this is not a story about courage. The superhuman agility, and bravery of Mamadu gossamer, an immigrant from Mali saved a baby from death in the eighteenth own Dismore in may twenty eighteen he was rewarded with French citizenship by the French president, Emmanuel Macron. But this is not a story about bravery. The superhuman is rewarded with formal status as a human the merely human. Meanwhile, remains on human quasi human subhuman gossamer cross the Mediterranean in a tiny boat that was super human. But no one film that he remained subhuman. And there was no reward such is empires. Magnanimity massey. Pothole, juice. We Delamarre Hoke on a song..

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