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They were contributors in many cases, Hillary Clinton hate of with the patch. And how they pick this panel. I don't know, and they came up with no collusion, and they actually also came up with no obstruction. But our attorney general rule based on the information that was no obstruction. So you have no collusion. No. I talk with ABC's. Serena Marshall about all this coming up here on WBZ lawyers representing plaintiffs in a trial about sexual abuse in the boy scouts have revealed that internal records show more than seven thousand adult leaders may have abused more than twelve thousand scouts since nineteen forty four in many cases, the lawyer say there is no record of the scouts turning those allegations over to Thorens Mitchell Garabedian an attorney who has represented sexual abuse. Victims says this is typical what we have here is another blueprint of sexual abuse venison children by so called trusted as well. L supervises turn their backs on innocent children and related secrecy. In a statement that boy scout says nothing is more important than the safety and protection of children in scouting. And we are outraged that there have been times when individuals took advantage of our programs to abuse innocent children, Massachusetts voters who commute to work want action from the state government to do something about the strain roads and public transit systems that make commuting nightmare for many amass Inc. Poll found seventy two percent of the respondents felt stressed angry and frustrated and reported being regularly late to work. Sixty three percent of public transit users report being late to work eighty percent of voters in the poll want the state to raise new money to invest in the transportation system, including improved public transit and road infrastructure, and a new survey that new survey doesn't tell us anything. We don't already know. Traffic is a nightmare for north shore commuters, it's especially bad with the Tobin under construction WBZ's. Karyn regal updates us on a new push for the Lynn ferry. Millions were spent for this ferry terminal on Lynn off Lynn way. And there's no one here, but the ferry may sail again, they're Thomas mcgee's office tells me a four point five million dollar federal grant for a dedicated ferry. We'll be put out to bid this summer after a number of short seasons of least ferries. Lynn state Senator Brendan Crichton says the north shore needs transit help now and the water is the roadway when you take out the Tobin bridge or limited capacity, if we'll folks shifting over to the Sumner in traffic's really become unbearable. The city of lit also.

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