Polly Russell, Foods discussed on BBC World Service


More My name is Polly Russell and I work as a curator at the British library for longtime I've been very interested in ideas about food are narrative and identity so food and stories is what I'm interested in what is the, link between feed, the story and the notion that feed has to have a story it will be really hard to disassociate the idea of food. And stories because food is so central to. Who we are as social beings is so found with how, we are placed. In, time how we place geographically you who we? Are how? We feel and so stories as in what we understand about food where it's come from are integral. To our experience of food and eating they sort of mediate the food you're, eating they tell you whether it's going to be safe to eat and. That's safe literally has this thing come from a safe source can I Put it in my mouth and swallow it but also kind. Of metaphorically do I understand where come from is it risque my. Prepared to take that risk and when you have. A story associated with food it mediates some things arty when you see the rise of industrialized branded. Foods grounded industrialized food is not closely connected to the consumer in terms of production as a distance between what you eat and where is being produced and the stories of branding of food help to mediate not distance they tell you that, the food has, been produced in this massive factory hundred thousand miles away on knowable safe familiar and that's very important stories are very powerful when. It comes to making us understand like particular..

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