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If you've been saying all the stuff over the years and rides a huge rudy gobert fan and so this is the result of they just like you got to run it like a business. Not like you're a fan and i. That's you know they're going to basically. Have you mentioned that. Twenty two twenty three season between like clarkson and favors possibly missile if he makes all nba angle. You probably gonna have you know fifteen million dollars of contracts on the books that you maybe didn't need to have and that that's going to have a a result now if reid smith is going to pay twenty five million dollars a year in luxury tax for a team that's in the second round or the or the first run then. It's his money could do that. I just just like paul allen. I mean if that's the way he wants to roll it by all means and you and i woke up like if that's if that's where this goes great but let's talk about the jazz this season of forty two and a half win project a. Over under is forty. Eight point four in a full season and the jazz. That's a high bar to be to be cleared but the jazz have been at that level. Each of the last few seasons they have strong defense. They have consistent offense. And so if you wanna look last year the jazz had the differential of a forty-seven win team. But something i thought about was these specific things. Struggles that they had last year. That i don't expect to be duplicated. So they had horrible bench minutes. Before they got in clarkson. Mike conley all sorts of trouble. Ed davis totally failed at backup center and then eventually with zoning bradley both those guys are gone now. And they're favors upgrade both of them. Impo donovan remember. Miss the bubbled injury. So i think the jazz are a better team than they were last year. I think they are well coached team. They have a. They are one of the few teams with a persistent homecourt advantage. So going over. Yeah me too. I think this is just a really strong team. That got pretty good depth as well. They've got a lot of continuity as well. It should be useful early in the season. You mention the homecourt advantage for them and they just know what they wanna do on the four. They have a really good system has been a good regular season. T mike conley is fit in here now as well. So yeah i mean. This team has been better than a forty eight win team. Basically every year. That's up forgetting the bubble last year. They took it very very easy even if you look at last year. Yeah they had their expected. Winds were forty seven Over the course of e gains and this would be above that by a win but when you consider that they took it so easily in the bubble and that their bench was so bad last year for a lot of the year with tony bradley. And now dirk papers is there to hopefully fix that Yeah reference there. Win expectancy priebus. If it's just a provable season was about fifty. Yeah okay the that seems yeah. Because they were terrible they wanted to get the sixty two matchup against denver and that almost worked and they didn't play houston so yeah i mean i pick these guys to win forty six games. So that's that is. This is pregnant being one of my best bets. I'm guessing we'll of course get to those at the end of tomorrow's podcast which will be available for subscribers on dunked on this is your last chance take advantage of that thirty five.

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