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White house in the position that he's in now he's making that ship sail a certain way and even ryan spree this um you didn't have the access that he did when he originally had at the beginning of the trump administration so i think it's a smart move um and i think she was fired the fbi let me just the way that general kelly's roane ship and i liked him kelly ally i think that he's the right person for that position to kind of stem the tide because they can get kinda iraqi with the trump administration yeah joe what you think about the girl morose well um i have become was kind of happy because she says not ha she's not been a nice person and then are fake i saw a clip uh i could have been in a military summit opt out of fear she tried to help the african american community and i'm rob warehouse way how has way correct yeah so you but you know she when she came in she did the interview and this is doing the campaign or right after he wa and the everybody's just going to have to bow down to donald trump you remember she said the bow down here's i don't know yeah you've got everybody who is opposition ipm i just going to have to bow that lucky sometime a god right there so i think when you've always been that type of person where your nose is always up and then everyone else has been neat you then you get which again and sorry for you so rod often sunset she can ride on wars with more force on the sheet out ryan off sasser here she's not running off into the sunset there because she said something the other morning when she was being interviewed that said the things that she saw in the last few months in the white house made her uncomfortable that there were certain things that were happening that she does have a story to tell what is that story but that you think she said that just because she's trying to save face look ira and get her a book the elegance them want to pay for whatever she knows what she may somebody and.

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