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Fox News. Secretary of State Antony Blinken says multiple countries are on the same page after a virtual meeting. A day after the Taliban announced an interim government for Afghanistan, the Taliban seek international legitimacy and support. Any legitimacy, any support will have to be earned. And we heard that across the board. From everyone participating in today's session. He's visiting Ramstein Air Base in Germany, one of the hubs for American and Afghan evacuees. Blinken blames the Taliban for holding up several privately chartered flights for more evacuees and says the State Department is doing everything it can to get them off the ground. The president makes a renewed push for both of his infrastructure plans a smaller bill that has some Republican support. And a larger spending package that does not as the White House holds an event honoring labor unions. The color Speaking to labor leaders in the East Room, the president said unionized workers are essential to his bill back better agenda, putting hundreds of thousands of people to work including plumbers, pipefitters, electrical workers, steel workers, So many other union workers modernizing roads, bridges, water systems broadband system, President Biden called for a pathway to citizenship for so called dreamers people brought to the U. S illegally as Children. Core infrastructure bill is waiting for action in the House Speaker. Pelosi has said she will pass it by September. 27th even as progressives pushed to link the two plants. Rachel Sutherland. Fox News An emergency resolution on what amounts to a Texas boycott will have to wait in Portland, Oregon City Council, delaying a vote and what was expected to be a resolution banning the purchase of goods and services from Texas in protest of the state's new law banning most abortions. The Portland mayor's office has a draft resolution is being postponed to best understand the impact of the band America is listening to five years. And paid for by open shark concepts, attention firefighters, members of the military and airport workers. For decades. First responders and firefighters have military bases in airports used a chemical based foam to fight fires. Studies have shown the chemicals used to make acquiesce film forming foam or a F F F are highly toxic to humans and have been associated with several types of cancer. If you were someone you know was exposed to a F F F and were diagnosed with any of these cancers, including kidney, bladder, prostate, pancreatic lymphoma, leukemia, testicular and neuro endocrine, then you should Policy immediately because you may be entitled.

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