Mark Rousseau, Vietnam War, World War discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


Eleven eleven happily even after fellow news time is four three from that kelo her i'm mark rousseau the annual veteran's day ceremony tomorrow at 1030 is washington hi lincoln as in past years retired says the theme this year will be women in the military with the special keynote speaker and there's also something special for vietnamera vets toward eat 50year commemoration of vietnam war and don't forget it's at washington hi this year not lincoln stay veteran's affair secretary gbs him roman want you to remember to subdue thanks seventy plus thousand veterans we have were down to a couple of thousand world war two we have no world war one veterans left sanford health is creating a one million dollar medical is that will award more money than the nobel prize cross rival well the announcement of the winner of might remind you of the election of a pope in the house which is here it's super bowl that will be blue slow coming out of the chimney wants to win it has been selected sanford stave uh the international award will be for major medical innovation lorraine cross is expected to be awarded december of next year is the way rats senators heart on tax reform through his stomach since this morning's gains with senator john thune thursday are there plans technocrats out to lunch together senator her gayle it doesn't hurt through and also says he gets to talk to his democratic colleagues when they go to the senate jim in the morning todd up kill dot com news.

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