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Radio five sixty. If a man is not willing to fight for what's his he should lose it. Let's put it that way the world is becoming an increasingly dangerous violent place. That's because of the immigration situation. Ex- plain and simple. Everyone knows that. I don't have to check a textbook and ask someone inside the university of California, whether I'm right or wrong. The violence is increasing in this nation because of the increase flow of violent people who are in the drug trade coming into this country. Ask any cop making it up? Let's start with Long Island MS, thirteen gangs. You wanna laugh that one off ask the cops who after face these Bandidos every day. Whether I'm making it up ask the highway patrol in California what they face on these highways every day of their lives. The kind of bloodthirsty murderers, they have to deal with on a daily basis ask governor Brown if he knows anything about this or he just likes to go to the funerals with the somber face after another. She HP. Patrolman is killed in a shootout ask him why he lets that happen. So the country is becoming increasingly violent, and the fact of the matter is you're only going to be able to hold onto what you can personally defend whether it's from the government seizing your money or the government seizing your land or people taking your very freedom from you. And so it begs the question of is this country sustainable from the point of view of the will to hold onto it. That's really know. That's really the ultimate philosophical question. Are we worthy of this nation? Were you worthy of this nation? The one that was fought for and won through blood, sweat, and tears. Are we really worthy of this nation? Are you like that man who put down his pen his fountain pen in the nineteen forties? We'll put down his hammer or put down his saw the eddies of the world. And put down the white collar and put on the military uniform and went and fought superman. Because he wanted to save his nation. Every man every man then was willing and able and knew that he had to. But are we willing to save our nation? Are we worthy of this nation and all of blood sacrifice that preceded us on this sacred land? Are we? When you see so many left wing haters of our way of life in so many high places when we see a propagandist of the worst kind being invited to kiss the pope's hand, Michael Moore that degenerate low-life lying propagandist. Anti-american Saka blubber is invited to kiss the pope's, and you can't put till until together about who. This pope is. And what he stands for? That I can't talk to you. There's an awful lot of news out there, Texas. Democrats asked citizens to register to vote very nice, very nice students twenty one kidnapped raped and murdered by South Africa. Django crushed her skull with Iraq. I'm sorry to report on that story. It doesn't meet the narrative of the New York Times. And by the way, she was dating an African man. Her. She yourself data that African man yet, South African gang. Grab this girl and raped her almost to death to them crush the skull with Iraq. And now in South Africa. They're going to seize land. That's still latest little game. They're going to seize land. Now claiming it belongs to them. That's right. South Africa's city set to seize land in national tests case, all right? I haven't talked much about the kashogi story. Remember, I said to you yesterday. I had no opinion because I wasn't there. Now, you really wanna look into who Koska Shoghi was he's not what the left wing is trying to portray him as this noble journalists, by the way, I didn't say should have chopped them up. Don't beat the sea for one second. This guy. Jamaal kashogi was a backer of toppling the Royal Saudi Royal family instituting, the Muslim Brotherhood style life. He opposed the Egyptian President who is our greatest ally. He opposes Israel. He's a friend of all of the enemies of the west and yet calling him a democracy advocate. All he's a reformer to Jake tapper Jake tapper is one of the stupidest men I've ever seen democracy. Advocate, a journalist there. Half truths. Kashogi was a propaganda to overthrow the the Saudi Royal family. And he's in a slum est. He backs the Muslim Brotherhood or he did while he was alive. He lamented the crown prince's new policy, and okay, you don't screw around with the Saudi Royal family. It's not like here here. You can criticize Trump and call him a fascist the Nazi and go on the night shows every night of the week. He you could be a moron with an IQ of about one hundred and nine you could be with two is in a laugh track. And you could be a very famous comedian on late night news here by attacking Trump here. You could fake it as a journalist while bubbling through the eyes ears nose and throat every night against Trump and nothing happens to you because we don't live in a dictatorship. Isn't that wonderful the very idiots? How you're living in a dictatorship because Donald Trump nothing happens to them. Right. Think about that thing that you look at MSNBC all these loud-mouthed frauds? We're living in a dictatorship. He's a fascist dictator and nothing happens to them. So by definition would not living in a fascist dictatorship. What happens if ashes to dictatorship is you have your fingers cut off while you're alive. And then they cut your body parts off keeping you alive as long as they can throw your a barrel of acid, that's fascism. But you see the left is such a group of spoilt children. They don't even know what the terms mean. They have no idea. What fascism actually is at? I do. Yes. I do they're the fascists. We're talking about the political madness today is worse than any I've seen. I would say not any actually when I think back during the sixties the riots by the Yankees was worse. But it's going to it's going to ramp up. It's going to ramp up. Again, the hysteria is being whipped up by Bernie Sanders and others, but it's not the first time in American history that this has happened as I point out and stop mass hysteria, which is a very important book of politics and history combined because you should remember that John Adams himself, one of the founding fathers had to overcome the hysteria of his time and to help see British soldiers acquitted of murder, it was John Adams who stepped in to interfere with that condemnation. You understand what I'm saying to you. Now, the first form of social media gossip in a village. Did you understand that we say, Twitter and Facebook and all of that? That's social media. But gossiping village was the first form of mass hysteria, and that could rapidly spread in a very small area. But today with the social media being what it is the scale is unimagined in human history. And that's why it's so important for you to know your history in order to make sure we do not repeat it, and that is why I wrote stop mass hysteria. And today is the best day for you to go and acquire a copy because it will count in the first week tally of bestsellers, and we're up against phenomenal competition amongst liberals. It's that simple. You know? I I watch these videos every day of violence in America. I'm watching one. Now, I I showed the Jewish guy being beaten up by the Muslim swept under the rug by the by the left wing press. Bowling alley. Beatdown sends one man to the hospital in Roseville Michigan. A group of us. She can have to use the word a group of youths were asked to leave the bowling alley because they were being rowdy and breaking things. So they went and beat up the guy behind the thing hitting him in the head with a bowling bowl beating him almost to death youths group of youths. So the country. We're living in is not the country that you wanna live in and the answer. Of course is law and order and the cops are not the problem. They are the solution. Okay. That's simple. The left has brought us to an uncivil rights movement. That's right. They've initiated an uncivil rights movement. Whether it's what our Dianne Feinstein hiding a letter about Dr fraud until the last minute in order to shaft Cavanaugh or Maxine the mad woman. What's her name? Maxine Hatters mad Hatters waters. Screaming at people telling him to go chase, you out of a gas station or out of a restaurant now, she's a lawmaker lawbreaker. She's a law giver yet. She's telling people a break the law why she got thrown out of congress. Why because there is no congress. There's no congress anymore. Old Jewish man beat up in the streets of Brooklyn by a Muslim and beats them beat some beats and beats them sixty eight year old Jewish man on the way to synagogue, Thirty-seven-year-old, Muslim livery driver. They get into some yelling match over a crosswalk. The Muslim gets out and beats the guy up in the street. He's charged with a hate crime. And then the Blasio's the drops the hate crime charge. You listening to this. It looked like if you watch the video it looks like something out of Nazi Germany going on in socialist, New York. But you don't want to talk about that. Sitting here. Watching the world. Go round, you know, savage, warns stop the mobs on nation will fall savage, one stop the mobs or nation will fall we are living in extremely dangerous times that is the truth. And now you have to understand what's going on. Our entire way of life is being threatened by front groups of individuals who have been out to destroy America for a very long time. They think their time has come. We'll get to show them. Time has gone now you have to understand that the vermin who were doing this listening to this show right now. Many of the leaders are listening to the show hear what you're saying to alter their tactics. I know how the game works and what they do is attack. You you defend yourself and they scream for the police. That's how cowards work. They start to scream. He hit me. He hit me standard operating procedure of cowards. They set your car on fire. And then they say that you set your car on fire. They're doing this on purpose. Aiming at Republicans conservatives in order to have you react. So that they can then point the finger at you as the bad guys. And then they can provoke a civil war as well. Remember what their aim is civil war. They literally remember the sixties h rap Brown, burn baby. Burn burn. Baby burn is what they want. They want a whole city to go up in smoke. They don't just want to attack a white man in a car in Oregon. They wanna city to go up in smoke and somebody very carefully. Don't get caught up in this. If you can avoid it avoid them at all costs. But I've had an attorney on Dan Horowitz at another attorney on who's defended a soldier ex-military was sitting in a restaurant arena. Vada if you missed it with his wife and children when three punks of the type that, you know, the university slime..

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