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Are thrilled to be joined today by wilderness specialists and the defacto landscape photographer for the bureau of land management bob wick. If you have ever admired the public land's imagery in one of our research reports. Chances are you are looking at a photo taken by bob wick and although bob may not be aware of his rockstar status outside the bureau the center for western priorities and many other conservation organisations rely on his photographs to help us communicate about the importance of public lands across the country. His work has also been featured on postage stamps commemorating america's wild and scenic river system. If you look up any number of blm lands on wikipedia. You probably find bob wick photograph there as well and i have to break the news. Unfortunately that bob is retiring at the end of this month. He agreed to join us here on the podcast to share some insight into why he is so good at what he does. And how he got here in his remarkable career. So bob wick. Welcome to the landscape. Well thanks for having me. And thanks for that very gracious introduction. I really appreciate it. I want to start with the basics. I wanna know how a guy who grew up in western pennsylvania. You're earned two four street degrees in the mid atlantic region. And then you find your way somehow to l. office in canyon city colorado writing wilderness. Study reports. how'd you. How'd you land there. Well you know when i was younger. The four service was kind of the go-to agency for forestry majors. Natural resource specialists and going to school. With both penn state and virginia tech. All of our textbooks would always have this little paragraph with the end of a chapter saying. Oh yeah and there's this. Other federal agency the the vietnam that manages more federal land than any other agency and and they have forced resources to period. That was it now. So it was a totally unknown agency to me But actually when i was in grad school one of my Professors new personnel in canyon city. And they were looking for a temporary and employee and i put in for the position thinking. Wow i always wanted to be out west. I'd never been less than mississippi so landed in colorado right at the tail end of the wilderness study process so It was a great way to go west. I drove my pickup truck out and haven't been back since other than for visits. And when when are we talking about there when you started. This was in march of nineteen eighty eight so over thirty three years ago. So i mean that's one of the things we're going to get to. I think is how the agency has evolved over those years. But start with your work as wilderness specialist. What does your day to day. Life look like working for the agency on wilderness issues. Well right now. I'm i worked for our headquarters office. i've been here for about seven years now but i've I only took the job on the condition that i could stay out west back when our headquarters was in dc. So i've always been based out of sacramento. But i did a lot of trouble shooting whenever problems. Come up with field offices or state.

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