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The only things that can potentially force kim jong un is to rethink is if the chinese are willing to cut off the economic lifeline used to north korea and kim undestands knees political system and parore tease and at the moment diplospeak is that the chinese government will not do so you suggesting that china has the potential to cut up everthing including crude oil its food supplies it's it's it's lifeline but if the chinese government would like to do that they can do so china is accountable was eletrical ninety percent also important export for north korea but the north korean trade is a very small percentage of chinese as a whole to the chinese can't take the heat at relatively low paint and could that backfire well we never know what mr kim will do it is a regime that twenty years ago was path to stop off a significant percentage of his population and so they can do it again but then it will make the whole a commitment to nuclear and missile program that much more difficult very high stakes indeed mr saying thank you you're welcome steve saying is the director of the university of london's china institute we reach him in london in the next half hour we will speak to a seismologist who tells us why north korea's latest test of what does appear to be a hydrogen bomb is a gamechanger the strict keys have lived in their house and found a third nova scotia four ten years now abruptly the family of four is homeless because of an unexpected event early sunday morning we reach heather's tricky in windsor nova scotia.

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