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Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the morning, seven ten. Oh. We made it the Friday muzzle. Doug name so excited to Basel the Irishman Bartlett. Hey, thank you. Slant slots, Lajja Salunke, those sloshed happy Hannukah to Ulan, whatever. I can't wait to the six o'clock news tonight. Interview people at lied. What are you gonna do if you win? I want them to say I'm going to leave my wife mistress by car. Going to make a billion dollars all by car real really? I can't wait don't understand you with this. No, you don't. A lot of stuff just this house a car this what people? Make a nine hundred billion you could buy a hundred thousand houses. Ditch by ugly, wiping, a supermodel. Because that's honest, and I'm gonna go by myself a private played. Our family decks life, we fly private. I mean, really we have Alice Stockton Rossini going out to the lines today making their way, nobody maybe we should ask her you need to be honest for what he really want a really really hot wife. Hot new white. I want. You can find somebody to admit that we doing a pool again an office pool. Yes. Senate yesterday. Don't have your ten dollars. You gave me your ten dollars. Yesterday. Didn't give you anything. Some money stopped at the Bank CitiBank on my way here biking, and I got ten bucks for you. All right. Are you kidding me? I only take forty dollars out of time. Well, it doesn't you know. Then it doesn't chip away at your balance the balanced looks the same. Live. I really yeah. Forty dollars. Do the same thing. I listen. I'm very parsimonious. Do you have like an automatic number. Yeah. It's not forty bucks two hundred you take two hundred out at a time. At a time when I need it. Yeah. By the way, sixty is your best option L forties. My can't go above forty thousand embarrassed. Take out my fast option is three hundred. Okay. Three hundred daddy warbucks over here. He doesn't even need the mega millions. Hey, big spender. Go buy a house. My wife will tell you that right now. Going on the record low cost me too much. Our big three the president the president admitting that this is serious sky's the president meeting the Saudi journalist was probably killed. But then he jokes about roughing up another journalist in his Montana rally. Your president did a great job last night. Mikey should be very proud. Also in the big theory, the Al Smith dinner booze for the mayor and the governor Nikki Haley, ABC's the she that stand up. She was good. She was good and white calmly. I thought yesterday she always is very first female president there. She is I love wait. I just love the picture in the it was on the post website today of the Blasios in Cuomo looking away from each other and this poor woman between them. Now ladies of Navistar some real estate. Do we know her? We gotta find what's her name. Do we know her name? Sure, she has a name. All right. Well, look it up. Joe do something over there. And rather than you. Budget? Try reporting for Wednesday. Mr newspapers. Instead of writing that recycled garbage the post every Friday out of your Broadway is a very good column today. Tipping people off to a hot show coming to Broadway. Okay. We'll get to that. Rounding out the big three. A lot of fever grips the city. Tonight's mega nine hundred seventy million tomorrows Powerball is four hundred thirty by the way. Are you? Do you feel in good this morning because real and I had dinner with the big bosses last night of iheart. We did. I'm talking about the biggest bosses there are here. We did. Indeed. Yeah. I turned in a very impressive performance. I we had dinner with Bob Pittman and rich Bressler, they are the brass. And here's what they said. They said they really liked the show. So here's the deal. We got the job. You don't have to try so hard anymore. We're doing a good job. We could be like Manny Machado the dodgers. Just you know, running the I don't have to roll the ball. Yeah. Why bother we we'll have to try hard anymore? They said we're doing a good job and the big three. What are they this morning? Leonard forgotten. Have you figured out yet? I already did them. We orient listening. We'll just have to work anymore. Now. It's the big three relies on this little joke. Hello. Exactly, right. I didn't get that message to the last guy that was doing the show..

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