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News 93 w Y PC mobile news on the level on the go using that pin quite a bit again. Partly cloudy 28 degrees in downtown Indy feels like 18 with the wind shell. I'm John Heroic. Here's What's trending at 6 31 President Joe Biden will sign more executive orders today aimed at bringing the Corona virus pandemic under control. One will give low income families easier access to food assistance. Another Will require federal contractors to pay a $15 an hour minimum wage. The president also laying out more specifics about his plan for attacking the pandemic Thursday. Based on science, not politics. It's based on truth, not denial and his detail. He has signed 10 pandemic related executive orders, including the expansion of federal mass mandates when traveling, as well as adding restrictions for people that travel coming into the U. S. Indiana should not expect an increase in how much Corona virus vaccine it receives for the next couple of weeks. State Health Commissioner Dr Chris Box on what the C 00 of the federal vaccine effort has told her Hint at the fact that we could be in early February, receiving more vaccine. I hesitate to even say that because I've become a bird in the hand woman if I don't have it in my hand, I don't believe it. Half of Hoosiers in their seventies have been vaccinated or have appointments scheduled, but that still leaves more than 200,000. Not yet on the schedule. An explosion at a gold mine in eastern China earlier this month has left miners trapped workers are slowly drilling through to 70 tons of debris blocking the chamber where 10 people are still Look 2000 ft. From the mine entrance. You've probably seen the MIM of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders wearing mittens. Well, it was a teacher who made those mittens boxes. Kristen Goodwin reports teacher Jen Ellis, Surprised to see Senator Bernie Sanders wearing the cozy pair of mittens. She made him to President Biden's inauguration. Ellis, who is friends with his daughter in law, says she made the hand where for Sanders when he lost the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016, explaining their sewn from repurposed sweaters. Folks photoshopping an image of the senator in a coat and the mittens into scenes from films like Forrest Gump or the Famous one to Top, a skyscraper photograph, even inspiring the hashtag, Bernie's Mittens 2024, Kristen Goodwin, Fox News and on John Herrick on the level of It's a great time to.

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