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Ap radio news i'm tim mcguire attorney general jeff sessions met last week with special counsel rubber muller's team in the russia investigation president trump was asked by reporters if these concern no matter i didn't but i'm not at all concerned interview comes as bowler investigates whether actions by the president including the firing of fbi director james comey constitute efforts to obstruct the fbi investigation into contacts between his 2016 campaign and russia sent his top democrat takes back an offer he made last week to president trump ap soghra mougani with the in a meeting here at the white house minority leader chuck schumer had offered billions of dollars were the president's southern border wall saying that could be combined with legal protections for young immigrants in the us a legally the president rejected the offer hours before the partial government shutdown began schumer spokesman says the white house has now been told the deal is off the table schumer and fellow democrats angered their base by giving in to demands to reopen the government without an immigra racean deal gop leaders have promised to negotiate one but the president tweeted this morning nobody knows if a deal can be reached saga remain ghani at the white house the senate approves jerome powell to be the next chairman of the federal reserve beginning next month powell will succeed janet yellen the first woman to lead the fed when her term ends on february third two students are dead seventeen more heard in a shooting this morning a marshall county high school in kentucky lenin corn bacher a recent graduate of the school says he knows the 15yearold suspect from the bands bars i knew he does he might seem like everyone else though than ban thought via narrative warned have on five of the twelve wounded are in critical condition at vanderbilt university medical center in nashville the 15yearold shooting suspect was arrested shortly after he ran out of ammunition this is ap radio news.

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