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Closed. I'm Rebecca Missouri's next report eleven twenty. One on ten ten wins. And now the AccuWeather forte forecast. Who's meteorologist Carl babinski? On the Saturday evening with some clouds and the tri-state area that are expected to clear up the later on. It is forty degrees. We'll be in the mid thirties, daybreak, many suburbs. Coldest FOX, anyway, we'll be in the upper twenties as for tomorrow. We'll be dry with no less than partial sunshine and highs in the mid the motivated forties near forty three. As far as tomorrow night goes mid thirties. Now, there is some rain in our future. That'll be arriving later Monday afternoon. New Year's Eve plans, of course, many due to head out Monday night. I think it'll rain for the balance of the evening, it'll probably begin tapering off late at night. Just to question is whether or not that'll happen by the time the ball drops in Times Square. It'd be close forty six Monday and temperatures will keep rising Monday night should be in the upper forty s at midnight, very mild on New Year's day. Clouds breaking for some sun. Highs will be in the upper fifties. But it'll turn chillier during mid week forty and cloudy right now, you Minniti fifty three percent though in northwest seventeen miles per hour. Cloudy forty we're headed down to thirty four in midtown arm. Accuweather meteorologist curb been ski on New York's weather station. Ten ten wins wins. News time eleven thirteen. What if every time you went out you could cash in now with the Capital One saver card? You earn four percent cashback on dining and entertainment. Like their first taste guacamole. And four percent cashback. When you take your kids to the museum for the first time don't touch that. No matter your reason for going out..

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