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Me now it's it's definitely still bumping on WB L. S. all the time so there's at least at least is that so affects twin. Had A really interesting quote. He said that the Holy Grail for music fan is to hear music from another planet which has not been influenced by US or whatsoever her or even better from lots of different planets and the closest that we got to that was before the Internet when people didn't know of each other's existence and now that doesn't really would happen so the adventures of Reagan. Tony The mad scientist DOC. Doc seems to be aligned with that where it's our worldly like I'm going to take you on it. Adventure I honestly. I think it's just a way for me to get into a creative space. Like to have an idea like the idea of making some sort of character for me. It's like focused enough but also open ended enough to the point. Where like it gives me direction when I when I you need direction and when I have something I can find a way to like make it fit into my narrative? Not necessarily that. The doppler stuff has a narrative if but it has there's I am thinking about like a scientist in his lab when I'm making music when you're making that music and you you're ready to put it out but then like Jay fifty seven's like well in the streaming landscape. I got chop it up for spotify. Does that take away from the impact. Like you're not creating eating your music like this is a. This is a minute and thirty second song. This is a minute and forty five seconds song. Is that messing with your narrative. Now not really. Actually I think he you. I and I post it as a question really. I wasn't I wasn't sold on doing it either way and I think I think it worked. You know and I just I wish so bad that I was it was still okay for me to and it still might happen one day but you know I'm trying to reach as many people as I can right now and I wanna put something out strictly on cassette. But it's just not the time for that but it's always in the back of my mind so maybe one day but still i. I wish I was in that era where it was like Yo. It's like checkout Mike said and there's just something to me about being able to physically hold something or like having a physical collection like that's that's really a big part of it to me as well whether it's you know trying to get my music or making music and collecting the records in the VHS tapes and cassettes sometimes and you know being able to hold it so it is what I need another behavior from people in a different musical generation. I mentioned affects twin. He took thirteen years in between projects at some point. What do you think drives people to do that like? I've talked with people who say that they have to make music every day or else they feel like their talent is being utilized. Maybe he did create music every day and he just didn't in put anything out for forty seven hundred days in a row who knows. But what's the psychology around. I mean I feel like he could have got away with that in the nineties to the early two thousands but nowadays I I. You're going to be working at Jason's Deli in the meantime. How do you sustain yourself? What's the psychology? Yeah I mean I. I can't tell you what he's thinking but I'm I don't know if anyone can tell you what he's thinking I think putting things out consistently is is important these days and at least right now where I'm at and like I said before trying to reach as many people as possible putting out new music and you know having new artwork and having a new idea is important and especially a again with the nature of sampling. I think it's I don't WanNa say easier but it's just I sometimes quicker and you at least for myself I I always want to put things out immediately and I could but then later on and I'm like no. It's I'm glad I didn't put this out them because now I've worked on this and now it's even better and I have a more cohesive thing but then I could see myself like you said falling into that trap and just doing that over and over and over again and then who knows how much time has gone by you know I could. I could see For myself four years going by without putting out music. Because I'm I'm I keep pushing.

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