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Chairman, Chuck Grassley rejected democratic calls to delay. Monday's hearing at which judge Brett Cavite on professor, Christine Blasi. Ford are scheduled to testify Ford accuses cavenaugh of sexually assaulting her years ago when they were both teenagers. Cavanaugh denies it. Ford wants an FBI investigation before she accepts the excuse me, the judiciary committee's offer to testify. Let's talk to where a political experts and legal experts all of this guys. Let me go you first Mark, Preston. What? What do you make of Grassley saying here at the I mean the middle of the week here Dazer days are going by money's getting closer that he does not want to delay this hearing set for Monday any further. Well, a couple things will mean clearly, Republicans want to try to get cavenaugh through to Notre to take over the majority of the court in an ideological way that they haven't had an a very, very long time. Having said that this is an incredibly complicated situation. It's very unprecedented to think you'd have a victim come forward and actually give public testimony. So that in itself is unprecedented. We know that she's receiving death threats and all of us in some way, shape or form her probably received death threats. Given this political environment we're in so in is insane to think that they're going to put a deadline on when she comes in. That's going to be so quick. The question is, though, will the FBI comeback in in do part of an investigation? Grassley doesn't want that to happen a. He also says, that's not their roles. The role of the committee. This has incr-. Really complicated. That is why for the reason alone that this should be put on pause and the leaker Henderson. I mean, the chairman is saying that he doesn't want to delay things of a. You heard Senator gillibrand earlier on this program saying that that hurt, you know that Christine Blasi Ford is not going to be bullied in all of this. I mean, there's a, there's a potential backlash year for the senators. If they try to ram this into a Monday schedule. When really they have all the time in the world, they they don't have to have it on Monday. Yeah, I think that's right. This is a completely made up deadline. The original deadline was Thursday for putting this through the committee vote. That was switched to Monday. Apparently the date was set even before they really talk to her. It seems like I mean, they want this to be a very, you talk about it being complicated. They in some ways wanted to be simple, right? So they have set this date for Monday. They only want to people to testify essentially because they wanted to be. He said she said, I think the problem if your doctor or professor Ford is you don't know what to expect. Right. Sort of the terms of this have had. Been sit or the lawyer is going to be there or are they questioned her? Are the Senator is going to going to be asking her questions? Is it five minutes for each Senator? So it's a little hard. I think to to, to kind of press her, employ her to testify given the fact that she doesn't really know what it is inches, an agree to any terms yet. And so she wants the FBI to get in there first and sort of set the terms of the questioning the debate might be and Susan. Right now, we know that Brad Kavanagh spent preparing behind the scenes over the over the White House. Various officials have been peppering him about his private life and so on. Getting them ready for potential hearing potential. He said, she said, but how does Christine Blasi Ford prepare for something like this? I mean, she seems to be at a disadvantage. She doesn't have White House officials preparing her, and so there's a huge about of eighth metric power position here, this kind of congressional testimony in a packed room with hundreds of cameras in your face and hostile questions that is incredibly difficult for anyone to do. It is something cabinet, secretaries, the heads, the federal agencies, prepare for for weeks and weeks, or fully theft in order to do. You know, this is the Brett cavenaugh has essentially an army of people behind him. He has the White House team led by Don Mcgann that has been shepherding his nomination. From the outset, as you mentioned, he's been preparing. Meanwhile, the Republicans on the committee are essentially deploying a machine designed to destroy this woman's credibility. I think that is. Why it is so incredibly reasonable for her to expect to be given more time. And I really do think that that is the strategic pusher. The Republicans understand that the faster they can force her to testify, the less prepared. She is the fewer facts are available. That is all going to make it more difficult for her to present a credible case which is because the president made a lot of news today not only talking about this case cavenaugh controversy. But also, I mean he's been talking about his attorney general in ways I suppose we're accustomed to, but I mean, just look at this graphic, let's put it up on screen the latest around z. saying, I don't even have an attorney general, but these are all the other things that he said about Jeff Sessions. Since this whole saga began an idiot. He's beleaguered, he's very wink, very disappointed with them disgraceful. I made a terrible mistake and we had a real attorney general never took control the Justice department. I don't have an attorney general, I guess, would be the last one in that list. You come out of the intelligence community. You know, what does this do? I mean, is it just. Turn Jeff Sessions into a laughing-stock all the understatement of the year. These men are not great friends. You know, look, I mean the the president wants an attorney general who to some degree acts as his personal attorney, and that's what he's, that's what he's really frustrated about. Look, Jeff Sessions whether you like his politics is history are not. He has made a decision that he is going to lead the Justice department and a way that is separate and distinct from the way that people who show loyalty to the president behave. And obviously the president has taken issue with that for people who are in the Justice department in the intelligence community people who work in government. But this is a very difficult time for them because they're seeing a leader who's trying to do the right thing is trying to separate himself from his relationship with the president, and they're seeing being attacked increasingly in ways that are quite candidly, unprofessional unpresidential. So I think it's it's a very difficult time. And I think Jeff Sessions to, you know, you've got to give him credit for holding his ground right now. It's open question as to how long he's going to be able to do that one hundred. You know, I mean, look at, you may hate Jeff Sessions for politics. Key may have done things that you know as a democrat, like you're angry at, but God bless the fact that he's not allowing the president of the United States to say things on television to make him quit. Jeff Sessions is going to force Donald Trump to basically fire him. And when they when when the history books are written, betcha Jeff Sessions doesn't come out as bad as a lot of people think that he's right. Although at the same time, Jeff Sessions is overseeing Justice department where the president is attacking career, civil servant official by name on Twitter, impugning credibility suggested removing the clearances and Jeff Sessions, absolute nothing to to defend his stuff. Nothing to defend his agency agency. He is tasked with leading against an outright assault by the president was across the board of this version. And in some ways, oftentimes Jeff Sessions doesn't do much to defend himself right. A couple of times he's come out on push back against the president, but he mostly just REM. Maine's a silent and remains on his job. A lot of conservatives thing he's doing a great job, but you have seen some cracks there. This idea that maybe it's time for him to go. It also it's also interesting because Donald Trump seems to be expanding the reasons he doesn't like this guy. He was saying he did terrible in the hearings. He seemed to mixed up. He seemed confuse us. Oh, that's very interesting to to watch you. Imagine that after the midterms a, he might make a move to to push him out met. You wonder who pick on if you didn't have just exactly. Jim. Thanks guys. Very much should be candid though that the reason the president wants to fire Jeff Sessions is because he wants to replace it with someone who's not recused, it's running that's record in you can't do that. All right. Well, thanks very much coming up Warren President Trump's visit to the hurricane disaster zone in the Carolinas. Where officials describe the damage as a gut punch to their communities later, Kim Jong UN makes a new offer to close down missile testing site and more, but there are strings attached.

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