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Cody Eakin for Vegas structure, scored again, by hit pleased. If you will you have to stop talking and hit the thing Bob will be the most unbelievable. Again. Yes. It was. Yes, sir. You losing your mind right now. I'm literally shake, what's what's happening right now to your body and mind and spirit. Good. It's not good. Yeah. It'd be better than what it was five minutes ago when it was three paint, certainly is literally like shaking. Saddles? We're they go hand to hand the west. And then. Yeah. But this shooting hand, that's what I that's where I'm at. Yeah. You probably shouldn't be on the air right now. There's a lot going on. I mean, I can see I can just look at your face. And there's there's a lot going on site. Anyway, Belsky got hurt and he's off the ice. But because it's a major the power play. Now continue right? It's three two still got three and a half minutes. More on the power play. All right. Okay. So keep that. No, you go. Go have your go. Have your moment. This is apex of your entire life right now. So good luck. We're all counting on you. All right. Do your thing is I'm now physically known obvious his radio. You can't see me now doing radio in front of the backs of three heads. And so that's the way through and I'm not saying that you make you feel bad so K you can watch the game. I've been doing this for a few years. It's okay. I got this microphones on. If it turns off, I'll come into the next room and shake guys and say the Equipment's broken, please help me but other than that. I get it. It's game seven we declared the game over somebody hit somebody in the face and two minutes later is three two and the sharks is still on a powerplay. I get it. So keep it like right here. We'll keep you up to date on that the sharks are not done yet. Can I add this? And I there's two things just happen on Twitter. And then we'll get to the Robbie gold stuff to just happened on Twitter that are extraordinarily interesting. One comes from Louis Riddick who as you may know is an NFL. Analyst for ESPN. This is somebody who at times has been named as a candidate for exotic gigs around the league. So this is someone who has scouting experience deeply embedded in the NFL. An hour ago. He tweeted out a gif. I don't wanna hear that. It's jif. I don't care if that's technically what it is. It's a gif the word gif the G stands for graphic not Jurassic. Okay. So it's a gif. I'm gonna die on that hill Saturday. He tweeted.

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