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Get the call for the opening day game against colorado and got the win in that one who's gonna be the opening day started back in two thousand fourteen when they opened up in australia but ended up having tommy john surgery before that happened now there goes jackson the pitches down the throat a second on a bounce it's off to the second day for march backed up in shallow shutter field but the shortstop ahmed and it's a steal for austin jackson that's his first stealing and he did that get a particularly good job either the corbin took a while to get rid of that pitch with a big leg kick and hurried throw bounced and was not catchable two and one the cow to andrew mccutchen catching facing corbin he's two for nine lifetime against him to singles buster posey on deck here's the pitch swing dribbled ever so slowly fouled up to three bayside two balls two strikes last year the giants did fairly well against the corbin he was all into with the five point zero six era against the giants last year in this ballpark in his career he's had one win and four losses with a four point six one earned run average yeah i feel is backed up former catching crabs the plate slightly open stance right handed hitter corbin ready here comes and a slider down in in three into that did not by much.

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