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Up for only $49 Traffic and weather on the 8 sand when it breaks back to Dave dildine in the double DT op traffic set Slippery one wet rock creek Parkway the second car crash at peace street and the curve this afternoon This one almost involved a car spinning into rock creek We get one into The Rock creek about once a year around here Northbound traffic for this one is diverted onto Virginia avenue the one way Parkway reversal will be delayed because of this crash drivers on rock creek Parkway near the crash scene itself for being sent in the opposite direction and they're going to be draining rock creek Parkway between Virginia avenue and woodley park No recent spin outs on the George Washington park where Baltimore Washington park where your suitland Parkway but in weather like this especially when it's light rain or drizzle We tend to get a lot more in the way of crashes Your guard is down So make sure I'm back off on your speeds and have your headlights on Southeast southwest freeway coming in on three 95 slow the crash was minor near main avenue should be getting it onto a narrow shoulder soon Traffic on D.C. two 95 and outbound on three 95 is pretty slow this afternoon Beltway traffic is once again slowest on the inner loop between tysons and Bethesda the high water lane closure continues to keep the left lane block between Clara Barton Parkway and the river road exit Westbound on I 7 day jammed Frederick toward myersville beyond Braddock heights couple miles before exit 42 the recovery of the damaged truck blocking the left side westbound on 70 slowly getting by to the right And south of town on 95 in Virginia new crash.

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