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And these trash and people, by the way is absolutely ridiculous. Westbound to be educated both defense. Yeah. You know? I mean, that's that's what's cool know quotas Faye? You is track. It. Could it cut it? I've mistakenly. This is some change today. My timer is off the I'm trying to upload Jags video. You could go check out the Johnny Nelson interview fi. You're he's talking about big maybe and Joshua with going out to big. Maybe did Did you you say say that? that I didn't say big maybe, but you trying to play them out. So now, he's a big name. Now. No, no. I. He said. That's actually more clever than the other one. They call them. Big belly Miller. Big may be Miller. Wow. Pretty much, but look here. You might you spit. It out. Always did you hear? You ain't tryin Mike. Oh, man. Look at this. You just you were so right. It is nuts out your mouth. Look. I was listening to the brilliance in entry did a great breakdown of big baby is able to take AJ's punch. It's going make very interesting later down the. Mike. How dare you come on in quote and recites a fucking On on? they heard. I know we said it should know. Told me that shit forever. He deleted done with Mike, man. This man you another. Mario fluffing up tomorrow. This. Like chain Norway. No way. Like. Cheese greenie here. Have my gun WBZ champion of the world the whole world sned on top of the morning till you brother, the reigning king of border wars. What is up duck duck goose? If it's between a champ and Trump you guys speak when am I call in? I'm promoting the fight the promotion everything could cruzi not doing nothing, then he's trained doing nothing. He's trainers his train and good good. He's gotta train he'd better trained because you know, what man I did the breakdown yesterday. I sent to everybody in the gym is going to be pulling for me and cheering for me, man. Everyone can say that I want me to win but deep down man every single person that Jim is gonna want me to beat them up even his training partner will because crews stealing of Texas. And we all know Marvin deserves that not him. So I'm gonna be getting all the love, man. Mario Mike, you know, Ness, like, you know, everybody in their hobby, man. I'll be sending me DM saying that I'm one of his favorite boxes of all time. Man. You know? So fuck man everyone's gonna be cheering for me. Look who are the to Holly have illegal hobby a abyss ending you dictates. Not the pick. All the stuff, you know, you know, just tell them to stop sucking up. Like, it's all right, y'all. We got your back for real. Teacher. Of course, not. So can be like what fifteen sixteen of deep against him. You know, he's he's got nothing and trim done. Then I'm gonna decide what I'm gonna do. Maybe maybe it's my turn up to heavyweight and challenge the big giant. You know who knows? Oh shit. I would like that fight. You know? Game. It might not more skill than this me too. I got more skill than Ness one hand. He's got in this whole Mario Mario chosen. Mario get on a diet instead of keep lifting weights. No, I wanted to beat you and become champion. That's what I wanted me. While he talking shit about me, get you. I'll tell you. What how do you see how fat you are? Why did you go down and said, why didn't we go? What do you mean? How that I am motherfucker mush shoulders shredded shit when I left when I was when I when I when I started my way way drop, you was two hundred plus and you ran out my it was muscle like very wasn't too much of. Plus, nor was it all the fat boys is two hundred hundred plus for starting two hundred. Plus rather yet rather eat lettuce like rabbits than than stay up with fucking gorilla. Jose, can you please shut this one day?.

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