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For murder so he did not commit now Amanda Missouri truly is free of any new charges or trial we get more details on this from ABC's trucks Iverson we only to be angry taxpayers who foot the bill for twenty three years paying for the wrong person to be in prison that's what Ricky kids said last month when a judge in Kansas city Missouri released him court records show those who testified against him recanted with no physical evidence linking kid to to nineteen ninety six murders now I'm humbled it's reflective moment for me this after the prosecutor decided to dismiss the case today is twenty three years late but finally on kids forty five now hired as the Midwest innocence project's community engagement manager Chuck secrets of ABC news over now to Hong Kong. pro democracy protesters gather in Hong Kong's causeway bay shopping district this morning after local authorities denied permission for the demonstration huge crowds March through the downtown area some hearing American and British flags and playing the star spangled banner demonstrators meanwhile also gathered outside the British consulate in selling gong to demand international support for democratic reforms officials in Illinois we have discovered more than twenty two hundred medically preserve fetal remains at the home of a former abortion clinic doctor who died last week corresponding can Martin reports from Saint Louis the will county sheriff's department says the family doctor or re club for contact of the coroner's office this week about possible feel remains found in the home in northeastern Illinois there is no evidence any medical procedures were performed at the home doctor Klein for was a long time abortion doctor at a clinic in south bend Indiana the state had revoked the clinics license over violations four years ago his own license was suspended three years ago though at the time doctor coffers said he'd never lost a patient in forty three years of performing abortions can't Martin ABC news. Boston for a living therefore please call the State Street thank long medical please WBZ thank you for getting our listeners to their destination thanks a lot thank you the city WBZ's with you on the line tell your driver to put on WBZ. ten thirty. I like to stay calm Boston's news radio traffic coming up certified Ford's think framing him for it F. one fifties explorers.

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