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Twice in American history has the president visited the Daytona five hundred to be clear the best time it's ever happened was over the weekend the president flew Air Force One landed right next to the track cheers as Air Force One made its way overhead the president taking a victory lap in the beasts pacing the cars as the race began here is fox with the call Donald Trump is the second sitting president to attend the Daytona five hundred George W. was here in two thousand four hi res one by the man who will waive the green flag for today's race Dale Earnhardt junior but this is truly an historic first a sitting United States president facing the field for the great American race he said he wanted to do a lap he's going to do well he is the president has that right and I just can't imagine as a driver as a competitor the magnitude of this this only builds up what is the great American race in the what the biggest races in the world to make put that much pressure on you to win this race to the I'm not sure how this idea came about but I have an inkling of phone call was received the other day in Franklin Tennessee at the whole of our former colleague retired from broadcasting at the end of twenty nineteen season asking him to fly to Palm Beach this morning and join president trump on airforce one on the ride up here the Daytona so I would not be surprised if girl had a little hand and what we're about to see please give me some tips down there about those high stakes here Daytona and other drivers excited about this well here's Clint Bowyer's radio there you guys in the office is you know my people asked me do you miss it you are you jealous of.

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