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Lawsuit is making its way through federal court in Alaska that will decide if the Pacific walrus will be listed as a threatened species. The US fish and Wildlife Service says walruses are adapting to less ice. And no one has proven. They need additional protection the center for biological diversity is fighting the decision saying global warming is forcing the walruses Tacoma shore by late summer because of receding ice. And by coming ashore earlier, scientists say there are more stampede deaths as they are being pushed from feeding areas. Walruses UCI's for giving birth nursing and resting between dives for food. I'm Kerry shoemaker. Well, the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Milwaukee Brewers for two three to even the National League championship series of the game of peace. Justin Turner hit. A two run Homer in the eighth inning. His seventh career playoff Homer game. Three. It's going to be Monday night at Dodger Stadium. I'm Evan haynick. I think this is what's going on. Morning. Five to nine AM. I cannot be the only person thinking this right now. Everything you need to start your day the latest forecast backups in delay the stories behind the headlines. Appreciate the fact that you all. With Mary and five to nine AM. That's hilarious at believable on one zero five point nine FM and AM six thirty Washington's mall, W M A L. Attention.

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