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The country in the wake of the Taliban Swift takeover amid the withdrawal of US troops. President Biden gave another update Sunday on US efforts to evacuate Americans and others. 1 24 hour period this weekend. 23 US military flights, including 14 c 17 9 C 1 30 flights left Kabul carried 3900 passengers. We should no reason why this temple will not be kept up. Meanwhile, forward based American Airlines is among several airliners called on by the Department of Defense to help out American Airlines of North Texas and Delta Airlines will each loan three aircraft to the mission planes will land on the Arabian Peninsula and in Europe. Then they'll pick up evacuees already flown out of Afghanistan to countries that agree to accept them. Atlas, Hawaiian, Omni and United Airlines also taking part not Southwest Limited with the range its planes have The Civil Reserve Air Fleet only otherwise activated in operations, Desert Storm and Desert Shield and Operation. Iraqi freedom. Kimberly James W. B. A P News, Dallas based Southwest Airlines says it will charter for domestic flights today that will help transport people arriving into the US from Afghanistan. Taking a look at the early numbers on Wall Street, the Dow was up 192 points. NASDAQ Up 70 points and the S and P 500 up 22 points from the W B A P News desk. I'm Nicolo Say your next update at 9 24 7 coverage at w b a p dot com I think I think it went smoothly. We got the cause. Um, you know, I think that's the one thing When one man go down another man come in, and I think Coach Joe did a great job. There He is Your cowboy rookie linebacker. The team's number one draft pick Micah Parsons getting a lot of playing time Saturday against the Texans and having the justice somebody else calling the plays. After his coordinator Dan Quinn, left the stadium sent home before the game even started good morning from our Mercedes Benz of play. No sports system slammed the Cowboys secondary and defensive passing game coordinator Jowitt Junior had to step in at the last second frequent after he left. Even before it started what the team said was an abundance of caution for the NFL's Covid 19 safety guidelines. Defensive tackle Joe Carlos Watkins also was sent home. Quintus, fully vaccinated Watkins status is unclear. The team did disclose that 93% of its players are fully vaccinated. Head coach Mark Mike McCarthy, telling the the Star Telegram. He doesn't sound too concerned. Coach Quimby and now.

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