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Rookie year. I just flat beat him out. He said he's never seen anybody that that that prepares and does this thing takes when he learns to practice field and then put it on the game tape. Troy wanna hear that. I was doing well remember as raw rookie as a fourth round. Pick that mack truck as in mac jones. Tony romo mack jones. He just ran over a little different that he got an opportunity to actually start. While tony was supposed to be the incumbent it would happen. Skip twenty roll. We'll gave him an opportunity to be seen hurt. He got hit the back and he got hurt. The ball game that was in seattle. Even prestigious dad got how tony romo got in. That was he got. He got hurt in the third. It was the dress rehearsal. Preseason game at seattle. And and. I'm like this kid back is something here. We went yet right so you got up so he let them get an opportunity to see that for an extended period of time. Matt jones talked about w. w w ee. I was about the opportunity that he got to get extended rips. He did because of go. Hold a misunderstanding understanding so now back to dak prescott. My owner is not sold on. Do and you have said that. The most pressure in dallas is on the quarterback. he's going to make seventy five million and don't think braided and have this up on his bulletin board. He make seventy five. I make twenty seven point five and brady second on the quarterback palest last year will. That's fifty million different forty-five off the field. Okay we'll you can argue. Dax making somewhere ballpark will will. I think it's more than twelve. He's got so many national commercials but the point. Is that in the big picture. This is a huge year for dak prescott in it starts tomorrow night with with no reps. No preseason is. That's why i say that has the most pressure because you said it. He's playing for owner. Dave i i agree so it's up to dak challenged back right here right now to show us show him shut him up or turning around the next time he blows about deck. He should be glowing for legit reason where he did that. He threw for three fifty and beat. Outplayed tom brady at tom. Brady skjei some something to be said. Sometimes no matter what that does a less dak wins the super bowl. He's i still believe he's going to be that. Tony romo was better in. His thing is like if i had given twenty role these weapons. Yeah tony romo tried. What he believes agreed. Well here we go. i'm sorry just give. It is what it is and the nfl. Kickoff week guys. It is sponsored by las vegas because finally football is here. Your home for all live sports. Every game match race and competition is always on more undisputed long former usc and patriots fullback. Sam bam cunningham passed away at the age of seventy one. Yesterday cunningham famously ran for one hundred thirty five yards and two touchdowns to beat an all white alabama team in one thousand nine hundred seventy which led to bear. Bryant's decision to start recruiting black players. Jerry claiborne former crimson. Tide assistant famously said sam cunningham did more to integrate alabama in sixty minutes. Martin luther king did in twenty years shannon. What is your reaction to this. News and cunningham's impact on football. I did not know sam cunningham. Personally but i play with his younger brother randall. The referred to his bam but i understood who he would what he represented of a lot of people realize this but that was his first game. Starting it was. He's a freshmen. Because freshmen could play. Football and basketball was the only college sports that didn't allow freshmen play. All the other sports allow college freshman the plate so it wasn't until seventy two seventy three which college freshman got an opportunity to play. Let's get what he did now. Nineteen i think the first year was maybe sixty seven. I think kentucky had a guy a black guy that would play net nor nor his name but in football it wasn't until bam cunningham because back this kept the only time the alabama played the. Us's were in bowl games. Team from the west didn't go south and play him going down there and and and coach bryant seeing up close and personal. What black players could do. That was also the first time. But all black backfield. Clair's davis and jimmy. Did they have black quarterback and black and black fullback. Who right before your very good da. Da li behind it just thinking about this. This was this was the early seventies. Jackie robinson broke the color barrier forty seven nineteen sixty four with the civil rights. Act that was supposed to be in compliance. That was sixty four. we're talking about delays seventies. And they still hadn't come into compliance. It wasn't until the federal government says we're gonna withhold federal funding. If you don't do the right thing. The eighteen eighty six case. Plessey bertha ferguson separate but equal was no logo ago platt getting scale and once they did it the floodgates open having the same thing in football get what he started doing going to black collagen getting like. Did you see what happened. It changed the trajectory. They got these black players in baseball Jackie robinson open all of a sudden. The willie mays the henry era. The frank frank robinson's it changed the dynamic and bam cunningham the reason why a lot of these black athletes what you see going to usc and into alabama and all these schools bam cunningham. This was legion. Field in birmingham alabama. Packed house yes opening game. Opening saturday afternoon. I watched it. But i wasn't old enough to get the magnitude of what was about to transpire but usc from the west coast. Yeah from southern california which was much more open minded emperor aggressive said. Watch this and you're right. Coach bryant washed it up close and very personal just for the record. He had already recruited one player. Wilbur jackson who is not yet playing team but all of a sudden. The floodgates opened and coach bryant was going to win three national titles through the rest of the seventies through that decade. And it's because of this. This was momentous this breakthrough that happened in large part because bam had that game a hundred and thirty five and two touchdowns and he was one of the first to the one yard. Leap touched mike. That's how he got the nickname ban. One of the great nicknames in the history sports has say am band right because he he was a he was a fullback skin. There we all know you tailback because they had oj might garrett and they already had oj oj. might gary then all of a sudden got class. You've got bam cunningham. Reggie bush charles white worrying. They will and i had the privilege in about seventy five ish of interviewing sam bam cunningham. Remember he became new england's all time leading still in in. He was a delight because he was very wise beyond his years. He knew what was happening that day and his point was to me they wanted to. We beat the hell as forty two to twenty one. They won to because it opened the door. Now officer either answer. Ozzy talks about they aren't they gave me. Yeah because he ended up going to alabama yep very interesting thank you rest in peace. Our thoughts and prayers are with bands family. What a legendary legendary.

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