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Getting lucky break, whereas it is different now speak to young journalists. You're trying to get into the beauty world. And they say, well, no, it's not like that anymore because they're on these intern royals, and what have my that was my role for sure. Yeah. Yeah. I wouldn't go into journalism at it not been for working for free. No way to six those sleeping couch. Yeah. Was I would do anything that has rest me one hundred percent. And that's but then go over and above like if I was given a recent project, I would go to the library the library. And we all have that generation. It was like Lexis Nexis. I think it was the closest thing I would buy the books, and I would give you every piece of history on the lipstick and every like this from the psychology and the different colors from that to the past to the present in interview every single makeup potus put together a big binder, and then present it. Yeah. That'd be that gun. They were like, well, I only needed a couple of quotes from make. Well, it helps it stunned you go above and beyond the people. They remember it. Well, speaking of going above and beyond seventy skews is above and beyond for new brands in our two hundred right? We're going to have to deconstruct this go through this. So you start with seventy and that is a lot for new brand. And it wasn't. It's not like this is an independent brand. This is an somebody coming up. Stay Lauder one of big houses so funded for milk. Yeah. So that's a lot. And that that's a completely new muscle to flex this whole kind of right? We're starting this new business and on paper, you've got all the things that you should need to be able to make a success. But I'm curious on the daily just did you go and hide the day. We launch a well. I will be to really big party. But they learned you can only do my gosh. No, it was very milk party. And we had salt and pepper befall on Spinderella. We will like what's the ultimate female empowerment? Right. So it was them. And we had Zoe Kravitz there as well. And we had leaky me play..

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