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The reality too. Is that when you want because when you're having kids code and make games and stuff you want them to be testing and retesting so doing all that with the simulators fantastic. But then when you're ready, right? And I think that if you yeah, I mean, if you have if you introduce it too soon, then a distraction because the suspi flash. Uh-huh. So you guys have more sessions that you're working on on Wednesday and Tuesday and Tuesday. Yes, so toes of about those the good news is ten. Tomorrow's is is pretty similar to one of the ones today. So tomorrow, we're doing another session. So if you missed it jeeze, here's your chance on that's the one on on eight of coating with my creative outing with mine cracker. Yeah. So Mike left, and and and code builder and then on Wednesday. We have a session on Minecraft and social emotional learning is really neat. There's just so many tie-ins that especially what's cool. The coolest part is. When you start hearing what other teachers are doing I kinda pull from that community and people do neat neat things that tie in SEAL. And then I was asked to present on east sports, which will wrap up our day on Wednesday. And kind of the idea of is your school ready for any sports program like bringing it to your. School. So another thing I'm super excited about so we have a little bit to to still prepare and a exciting rest of the week. Couple of days of stuff. So what's the I mean, I know you're super busy. But what types of sessions, are you planning on you guys planning on attending there because there's some really amazing people here mazing keynotes where you excited about going and attending a session. Well, I'm excited to see a cell con. Yes. Me too. And I guess we ran into Adam bellow and Kathy shrunk lists morning at breakfast excited to see their session. David session called was tech share share. That sounds like it'll be great. I love that kind of stuff, you know, one session where we're gonna find out a lot of great things that, you know, great people are starting to dabble in. I mean, I saw a lot of very look great lot of coding things. But that's the stuff that I likes load if so I mean, it's hard to stay away. Again. It's funny. I keep hearing people talk about a certain session like who. I wanted to go to that. But I will say would time permit. Yes. But there's. A lot. I mean, look at this book. I know this book I. Shopping because when I registered it was a little too early for me to decide between paper or or the like, you're asking me a question like I can't. Sessions not quite Sears catalog. And there were just great stuff. So I- gosh. Yeah. But what we have to see. We definitely have to see our friends at brain pup. Yes. Yeah. It just looks so great. I mean, there's some coding with the ipad. And I guess there's some rumors that new ipad. So they can you ipad, many might be coming market. I saw that on the news of recently, so exciting super excited also about be I want to connect with certain people like I'm very eager to chat with the people at coast spaces and merge. One of the projects, I'm working on his grant project to bring like VR AR X are Hackett vaughn's to middle school students and coast bases. You know, seems like it just might be a really great tool for that. And I've had kids start to play around the Pat as well. So it's great to be able to catch up with people and go meet him directly at all. I wanna vent fantastic. There's a ready player one session inside the mind. Movie ever. Quoque ever off. It was. Okay. Right. Euro. The movie what I love. Good for entertainment. Like, I read the book also before it was different. And I knew the movie was going to be different going. So. Funny. That's that's a that's a dead horse that we've beaten more than oh you had sorry for adding. No, I I was the one who puts it. So how can people contact you get in touch with you or reach at your or connect with you in all of the various ways easiest I would say his Twitter at Mr..

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