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Okay. So is that going to happen? It's probably a long shot. Gruden is a real possibility which would scare me for Cuyler. But I tweeted about this last night just because it just struck me if you put collar quarterback in saquon running back and Dell. At wide receiver in New York City. Would it not be voltage? Again, your Vegas point is very valid because it is. But how about New York would with this team? Not suddenly be the toast of New York again because it would be back page headlines every day. Page with maybe off his line too. And and it would also scare me in a different way. I'm not the biggest Pat Shurmur fan because he is old old school. He is conventional dropback passer. He did help Andy Reid. Coach Don McNabb early in Philadelphia. But I don't know exactly how much he had to do it. Because Andy did everything he was the coordinator in the head coach. Right. So again. What about about being Minnesota's give what's that? They went to see. Okay. Maybe could he adapt to this? Because his watched his son all year Vanderbilt. Call Shurmur nice college player. I'm not sure he has a pro future. But he's just real conventional dropback passer, not very mobile, not very athletic. That's all Pat has really known. Could he adapt to Cuyler? 'cause you gotta let him do some of the things he done ninety percent of what? But here's what I love about Cuyler. And I told you this early on this year. I'm just watching this from TV he has a supreme athletic confidence about him that that borders on air against but it's not hard to take. It's real remember this kid never lost a football game in high school. He walks on the field. Like he belongs there. He plays the game. Like he knows. He's good. And the defense also knows he's good. He's he's a playmaker. Who knows he can make plays. He just liked the way he carries himself. It's completely the opposite of Baker Mayfield. Baker Mayfield always over Cheever the underdog fighter chip on his shoulder. Screw you. I'm gonna get you. And he wants to talk back at you. And he wants to do this do that. He wants to throw a football hit the kid and the ad. He wants to fight you playing football. And this kid is the complete opposite. He's quiet and he carries himself with athletic dignity, and you've been around stars. Who just they just know they're good. He's little but he is stout. An is good. And there's no moment too big form. There's no stage too big for him. He would walk onto the New York Giants stage, and he would own it. He would be just fine in New York to skip is that if you. The raiders selected kid even though it would be with their pick. Because they've been terrible. No matter what happened. If you turned out to be good people ten years fifteen years now. Oh, they got him in that in that a Khalil Mack tree or they got him with the Mark Hooper? It don't matter. It doesn't matter. What you do with the other two ping? You get this kid. And if kid is good as people think he can be as good as he showed in college. Who cares? Who cares? What you get for Khalil Mack. And that's lot. Who cares? What you get Mark Hooper? Because all this got you need that guy is nice to have any other position. But if you can hit you can land Moby Dick with the quarterback vision. Yeah. Everything is a piece of cake. So wouldn't it be something if Cuyler Murray Wendy ally manning on Jon Gruden in Jon Gruden said? Nope. Don't take me. If you take me on playing for the I'm not gonna play for the raiders play for the as if you. Take me I'm going to New York or I'm not playing football his low weight around about books. I keep more one ninety five to one nine advise. I think he's put together. No Janez say, no, I didn't say that. Jimmy said yes, he's a strong kit. About we would tell the truth while you had to take you searching an old photo from an interview with. Aw. Pretty it's pretty much eight and three or four. Okay. Look it out at me. The cleats. Are you foot? It. Well, he would be the shortest starting quarterback in the history of the National Football League. But he might be willing to lay of no sproles someone. Short guy..

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