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NASCAR and NBC going radio style this weekend at Watkins Glen international in the S's. We'll have Mike Bagley from MRN and SiriusXM NASCAR radio. The inner loop also known as the bus stop, Dale Earnhardt junior will call the action through there. And then coming out of the carousel into turn 6, we've got Jeff Burton calling all of the action there as well. And of course, Rick Allen Steve what tart at the start finish line in the booth. Calling this weekend's race at Watkins Glen air national and as promised, the man in the yes's. Now joins us Mike Bagley. Bagman, what do you think? Are you got your pipes all warmed up? Dolce and tones ready to go for this weekend? We are locked and low. We are ready for action boys. Top of the evening, how are we all doing today? We're good. Good, man. We're good. So let's just start with, you know, we've been doing this a few years now. I mean, tell us about like, does it get easier? Each year was it easy from the start? You know, what's it like being a part of our broadcast and doing this radio stuff? Well, for me, it's a whole lot easier now than what it was because before we did this, I think it was what, 6 years ago, I think we did our first one. I'd never done any kind of TV. I've got people saying, got a triple box coming. What's a triple box? And then you don't want to be that guy, right? Pardon me, could you tell me what this is? And you're like, hey, they just said Elvis, who what's going on with the Elvis? What's going on with this? So getting used to all that, the lingo, but I think the most awesome thing for me has been getting to know everybody on the crew. I said this this morning on the show that it used to be that radio state in its lane and TV state in its lane, and those paths didn't cross. Well, they did 6 years ago and we enjoy it. Fans enjoy it. I think everybody gets a kick out of it. It's just a different way to present the race. Just putting a putting a unique spin on it and a track like Watkins Glen and his legendary as Watkins is. It's pretty awesome experience. Yeah, listen, it's Dale and doing pre race and post race. We get to watch you guys. And it's a lot of fun. Radio style for me is a lot of fun because it's like, it's like that throwback of listening to MRN and listen to that, all that because that's what I grew up with going to the racetracks and traveling with my dad when we'd fall out of races or whatever. My question is this. We only do this once a year. It's a special occasion. You take it from Rick and Steve, you throw to junior. What's that rhythm like? Does it take a few laps and take a few practice laps when you don't in practice or qualify on whatever it may be to get back in that rhythm of different personalities on both either side of you? Yeah, it does. And we're going to take some opportunities to knock some rust off this weekend before we get going. I think the thing where as far as like the pacing is concerned, you don't want to oversell it, but you want to do it justice. So trying to find that trying to find that happy medium. I'm just an excitable guy. It's like, you know, I'm excited to be calling races. I do it with enthusiasm. And then I think that rubs off down the line. I think getting the timing and the drops and everything right, you know, a lot of people think that when we do it on radio that there is someone in our ear telling us what's talk or there's a light that flashes when to go because we had that seamless handoff, it's all by voice inflection. And the more we do the voice inflection and the more we get into the rhythm of that, the further along that we go, I think they're better off we are and all the time that goes along with that. It's a blast to do, but it's also I get a kick out of seeing Dale junior and also Jeff evolve into that style. They're doing more analysis, but getting into that rhythm of that handle that we do. Ensure radio and then obviously what we'll do Sunday and radio style. Yeah, you guys make it pretty seamless at seems like you do it a lot of times together, which we know is it. Let's talk about the part of the track that you're at that I don't think fans understand as much because they hear about the bus stop and everything that you go through there and getting down into turn one. But as a driver, that was one of the places that I looked every time you started up through the S's that I'll either make it here if I don't. This is going to be pretty big. I'm not sure that everybody understands the speed and exactly how narrow that is and the things that could happen if one driver messes up. I think that's a good point. It's been pretty tame the last few years, but Kyle, you can speak to this. You got swept up in a wreck you and Dale and Mark back in the 90s where somebody gets crossed up, you know, all around this racetrack like we're coming into the essence right here. That's the right hander that's turned to, then the card transitions back or goes to the left. Some of it gets crossed up right here. You are in trouble. Look at that. There is nowhere to go. There is no evacuation route in turn three when you get to the top of the hill.

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