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I can fix the audio here it seems a little light heavy here we go can any body understand that first lyrics selling Vegas and sweat pants everything I heard Venus is for **** that's who we are no I think we're both right I can't possibly be right right now and does he have kopen this is how he sounds hi Michelle but me the lyrics a little flash drive you know what I think at the top he said Venus and sweat pants that's who you are I think that's a play on like Venus in blue jeans that old you know how are you son yeah but the you know we'll go far I'll buy you a car I mean that's it takes a hard turn we stay away from me yeah that he fits into just you know anger that's why I think he has it right now wrote it well the reason is in a in sweating in the throat yeah a lot of people couldn't stand that but you can sing it to his wife for to the virus it's a good question it's really odd isn't it yeah be with me twenty four hours a day sounds like he's singing that to the little Covance she actually I.

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