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Let's see then there's the hunger and stuff which includes red rooster specializing in roast chickens gore or i'm not sure how to say this or roost chokes or chicks in the common parlance okay c h oh okay chicken as it shoop it also very strict zampedri's noodle box which is as you would expect noodles it looks great at sounds awesome grilled which sells upmarket burgers and the most amazing herb coded chips you've ever had pie face selling all kinds of delicious osce meat pies and save retreats are the shaped like faces iv in a place called pie fees in no l if it's really and sh this who mostly specialize in chicken schnitzel roles may an australian fast foods what about hunger jack stuck in amazing we're getting there you also have a couple of aberrations angry jacks to all intents and purposes this is burger king check out the branding him a few click through to what that looks like it is the burger king branding there's some complicated legal history here which meant that not too long ago hunger jacks was trading alongside burger king with them both selling the exact same products and then lastly taco bill sadly it's not a bootleg taco bell but an overpriced chain of mexican restaurants which seems to prey upon uninformed american tourists seriously i don't know a single australian that's ever been in one i hope you are now a little wiser and maybe a little bit hungry ps don't go to talk who bill no that's the whole thing in that he now was go to taco fill i'll go the that i wanna get those herb chips i want to get a meet pie now want to get a pie face and then i wanna go tug of it i have to know i i mean i i i would i would definitely want to either hungary jacks because i wanna know what they're like fucking renamed burger king is all about it was just the same ship now but man i would have to know about taco i i'm i'm going to person to get married of the taco bell i'm gonna say if you're in american in australia and you see a taco bill you're not.

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