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Better is eight hundred. Eighty percent catch rate and eighty one percent with bridgewater and tastes some hill. Yeah i think it'll be lower. I have a seventy five percent with jameis winston. But it's still going mostly be short area stuff. I think it's still mostly going to be a lot of slants. And a lot of the drags and a lot of the outs that you know. People kind of make fun of him for. Because he's making a lot of relatively easy catches. But i think the edition of james winston might also mean a few more opportunities over the top and i think he's perfectly capable of doing both and that's probably like the the key is who gets that job. Yeah we're just getting. I'll admit i'm sunny on him. I mean either way. Michael thomas has never been a high touchdown rate guy. But in two thousand nine hundred and one touchdown every twenty targets in twenty eighteen. It was one touchdown every roughly seventeen targets last year it was zero on fifty five or we on sixty seven if you include the playoffs either. What he's gonna think the obvious touchdown regression candidates the okay all right so then we will move on. We have a lot of players talk about so we'll have to kind of zoom through them a little bit but the news and notes for you here. Antonio brown is not passed his physical yet for the bucks. He had minor knee surgery in the offseason. We expect that he'll passes physical soon joe burrow. He might be. he seems like he's all systems. Go for week one but they might take it easy with him and not play them in the preseason he for that matter to you if joe burrow didn't play in the preseason it matters to me yes It's one of the reasons why. I'm just slightly skeptical about projecting the same second year boost that we do for most good quarterbacks just because it's not just the preseason he's not going to do some of the offseason stuff that quarterbacks generally do between their first and their second season i still think the most likely outcome is. He takes as a passer and he has a very good year as a low in number one fantasy quarterback but there's more risk there now and he's one of those guys that if i'm drafting him at the back of the first round it's kinda like aaron rodgers is as long as he's still on the packers without a new contract extension like you need to go get a second quarterback and it needs to be more of a priority if boroughs your starter you said back in the first round was you mean back at the top twelve okay. Okay that makes us All quarterback wide receiver parris campbell of the colts says. He's one hundred percent from the injury. The knee injury. He sustained in week two and he had six catches for seventy one yards on nine targets in week. One pretty good. But philip rivers threw season high forty six times. Three hundred sixty three yards that that game which was the second most of the season but is an interesting late round. Pick parris campbell. Much more interesting if they don't go get zach ertz. Oh come because their offense will have to change a little bit. I think from what it's historically been if if they're going in with jack doyle and moa cox only tight ends. Washington is allowing starting right tackle morgan moses to seek a trade. They just signed. Charles leno who could just slot right in at right. Tackle guys. stay up for the lebron shot. I did yes. Excellent new not. I saw the curry shot at the end of the half. And that was basically it for me. and that was impressive..

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