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And so, you know, you learn to creep about in the dark, and we use that to get into the school. Always a bright side. You know what I mean? So we go the awfullest since Crete parts and over the wall and come back armed with beer and pipes. We spoke long church church warden pipes and Balkan sobriety array, very posh pipe, tobacco and one. Call baby's bottom. Which is a smooth as a baby's bottom slogan plaque tobacco. But reading it seems like reading was the thing for you though. I think reading became very much more and more for me away of scape. And that's what I I loved reading. Because anytime you can be alone in a group of people get some privacy. So I loved history, and I loved literature, and I read and read and read, and we didn't have a teenage life because we stuck in this bloody school like twelve thirteen week terms and everybody else is having teenage time getting to be the sixties, and we're stuck there doing prep in the evening. So what made you wanna learn guitar? Elvis Elvis changed. Our lives at the age of twelve suddenly Elvis appeared. And he was like a gift from the gods. And it was it was marvelous. And I we went crazy for him because you seem to be so cool has Stalin Jing Pap and they would photograph. They wouldn't photograph him on television below the waist in America because about too much. And so we learn we would do we were skiffle group, and we do black negro songs from from the south. You know, jump down turn around pick a bale cotton, or if you're black if you're white you're all right? If you're Brown stick around, but if you're black all brother get back back, and for some reason in Wolverhampton, very white placed five thousand miles from the nearest black person. We identified with the clashes of the of the deep south, which is weird cut open notice. You do have Atara over there. Eric helps you kid to share a song this at this point. Song from the heart. Anyway to do. Here's a little song. He won't take very long. It's shebab the world today. And it's something I really need to. Fuck selfish and all those kids who asks for selfish digest get on my case. When your grinning lock and unit shake with people, you know, h hike somehow, finance, I get that fucking phone. Stor go and then another fifteen other fucking people show. Shell fees are a waste of fucking time. Tell shellfish shell fee gets next time. It comes to. To take death fucking shell fish sticks and shove them up. They're very much..

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