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So it's open with limited capacity and strict safely guidelines, but they were afraid. The anticipated attraction would be a health risk because everybody would want to go. India's Ministry of Electronics an IT announced at band fifty nine apps from Chinese firms over public concerns that they quote engaged in activities, which is prejudicial soul to sovereignty and integrity of India defensive. India and security of State and public order end quotes APPS blocked include the by towns owned tiktok. Perhaps you've heard of it and Hilo the game clash of kings shell means me video call APP UC UC Browser and and club factory India's largest third largest e-commerce firm I'm sure the those bands will stay firm. No one will challenge the middle and finally the New York Times announced it exit its partnership with Apple News with time stories, no longer appearing in the apple news feed, according to C.. O. Meredith Levian, the publication is reexamining quote, all of our relationships with the big platforms. Let's talk a little more about what Singapore's doing for contact racing. Let's Singapore's started. Handing Out Bluetooth enabled contact tracing devices that you can clip onto a belt or perhaps drop into a bag that you might be wearing. These are for people who don't use phones. The devices have a nine month battery life, and since there aren't notifications on the device, a contact tracing officer will contact the user if they'd been in contact with somebody diagnosed with Covid, nineteen data on the clip on devices is encrypted and kept for twenty five days if the devices have. No, Internet connection and initial device distribution will focus on older people who have little. We're new family, support, or perhaps have mobility problems as well. Yes, so these have no. Internet connection I honestly think targeted for people who can't afford phones or like. They say the older population that just don't WanNA use phones, but I imagine people who are privacy focused might like this to like all the date is kept on the device, not phone never connected to the Internet if I don't hand over to the health officer, nobody gets the data, and it's not damaged data anyway, but could be good at convincing people about that. Plus it's great for geocaching. You can throw a pokemon on it, and then people would really love it, and like it grows up the more you walk. These are all great ideas I. Think Tamagotchis coming back. The problem here is that Singapore only has a couple. Million people have downloaded. It's actual APP. It's not nearly enough to really provide the benefits that an APP would provide to contact tracing a no this. This move is meant to help fill in some of those gaps, but if you can't get the majority of the population that had phones to download the contact tracing APP that's not going to help, because those people won't get counted even when they're near the people with this Little Bluetooth device, I guess my question about it is with no Internet connection You know it's obviously it's obviously taken gps, data and kind of like not. Not Josiane. So it's just if you're are near, somebody else that okay. Gets exchanged. So how many times though. How do I get my data back regularly to the government to let them know that I've been near somebody right? So when someone is infected, goes in, and has their device or APP uploaded because they're lying him. You're definitely infected. They'll find the numbers and say like all right which devices. which devices had those numbers and then? Give you a notification on your APP or The case of the devices they get on the phone. I guess or take a bike over and okay. I got it. Yeah I mean. That seems I. Mean obviously it's not as. It's not as detailed in all encompassing true like apple contact tracing, but it's man. That's way better than I think. You'd even be able to get most people in America to agree to possibly. Speaking of getting people in America to agree to things, twitch has suspended the official trump for president campaign channel for showing what twitch calls hateful content. The streams question showed the president's kickoff, Rally from twenty sixteen and comments from his recent rally in Tulsa twitch notes that it does not make exceptions for political or newsworthy content, which twitter and facebook do, and not long after twitch made this decision read it took its first action as a result of a new content policy, which states communities and people that incite violence or that promote hate based on identity or vulnerability will be banned under that new policy read. It has now banned around two thousand sub read. That's including the Donald which was Devoted Devoted to fans of the president that celebrate it had previously been placed behind a warning screen for violent content. It had been restricted from having post. Show up on the front page, but it has now been shut down entirely. Frankly a lot of people had left it already, but it's now gone. See Steve Huffman said the community has consistently hosted an up voted more rule, breaking content than an average antagonized US and other communities, and it's MODs refused to meet our most basic expectations when explaining why they got rid of the Donald, read also removed Chapo Trap House, a spin off of the podcast of the same name, and noted that most of the rest of the subjects that were were suspended. Or made inactive were already inactive, only about two hundred of the two thousand had more than ten daily users. Steve Huffman Gone Chapo. Got Rid of Chapel trip houses separate. Yeah! 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