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No justice No Derby. No Justice, No Derby Thie Group until freedom is calling for justice in the police shooting death of Briana Taylor, This is Tameka Palmer. What we believe Is that the citizens of Louisville are going to come out so strong tomorrow that there is no way that you will be able to deny that justice for Briana Taylor is more important than this race is more important than Churchill Downs, its more important even than the leadership of this city who has completely tone deaf. So what its citizens are saying Louisville police and the Kentucky National Guard already have a large presence outside the track. We don't know how large these crowds will be. We do, but we do intend to not intervene with lawful protest that are not valid. We intend to let them exercise their First Amendment rights. Louisville police deputy Chief levied a shave Churchill Down, says it is not breaking with tradition that tomorrow's Derby. A tweet from Churchill Downs, says that my old Kentucky home will be played prior to the running of the Kentucky Derby. That announcement was made following reports that the future of the song at the Derby remained under discussion due to its connections to slavery. The racetrack says that the nearly 100 year tradition of singing the state song has been quote appropriately modified and will be preceded by a moment of silence and reflection. Haley Hanson, NewsRadio Wait, 40 Yes, this year's rendition of My Old Kentucky home will be performed by track Diggler, Steve Buttle men The Justice Department says two men from Missouri were arrested with assault style weapons on their way to Kenosha, Wisconsin, where protests have raged following the police shooting of Jacob Blake. A bee sees Andrew Die. Burt has Maur. The Justice Department says two men from Missouri were arrested on firearm charges after getting a tip. The pair were planning to travel to Kenosha, Wisconsin, to quote, loot and possibly pick people off, according to the criminal complaint. When the men were arrested, they were found with a stockpile of weapons, including an ar 15 a shotgun handguns. A dagger and body armor. Kenosha, Wisconsin is where 17 year old Kyle Riton house was charged with first degree homicide following the shooting deaths of two protesters. Andrew Dember ABC NEWS Washington In Kobe, 19 News, Mohr than 1000 new cases reported today. In Indiana, the Health Department announced 1044 new cases. And 17 newly reported deaths, the most in nine days, bringing the death toll in Indiana to 3127 the positivity rate of 7.2%. The seven day positivity average, which runs a week behind ticks down to 5.5%. After rising for six straight days, six Indiana counties have positivity averages above 10% Martin is still the highest at 17.2%..

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