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Clear hall of famer and now he's forty two years old he just wants to hold on is he just he wants to keep playing baseball and he admits it he's i get when i was forty two i started using steroids this to hold on for another few years would you view him as a cheat and say i'm gonna completely penalize everything else he ever did i don't wanna manala fame yes i would welcome you have because he's saying that is he really showing you the truth because you're a cheap based on the fact that you don't believe him more so than it was only the end of his career bought i still think he's a cheater it's because you believe that that stories true he could have been doing it the whole time or part of that time yeah get where you're saying but i think there's a very good chance that there are guys already in the hall of fame that in order to hold on started using steroids at a my eyes i wouldn't say i'm taking them out of the museum or i'm not putting them in the museum because of what they did the final year or two of their careers frank and rockland county hey good team you in your wife and father yesterday at the meeting gree uh thanks again so the question i thought it was pointed out by the very civil could meeting you and and the rest of the some lobs a couple of observations anthony from fourth four seventeen who actually already knows right year me four nineteen he was dead on evil in the mets do something great life the hostile league at other perks that they do a lot for a season ticket holders they don't publicize it so even when the we'll find in the much get something right they got they got a winner of the end with all those perks they advertise it that's a major plus that a lotta season ticket holders aren't aware of great before about the mets that they are organization as far as players and money drives me nuts but they do a great job with their season ticket holders there should be a benefit no matter what team era subscriber to whether it's the knicks or the jets or.

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