Chairman, Paul Ryan, White House discussed on POLITICO's Pulse Check - Bonus roundup: The short life and quick death of AHCA


Were all on the hill a bunch of our we basically taken over an entire room in the press gallery exciting for me to to be on the hill with with you as the rules committee is still meeting two days later which is notable because they still have to set the terms of debate and move this bill to the floor right that they were never going to do that unless they knew that leadership could get the votes to move it on the floor which is why earlier in the week they didn't i mean that that's why they basically recess without setting these key parameters upright they're not going to do it unless they know that there's a deal so were destroying a lotta watchful waiting there are a few more news coming in a few 'yeses with then and this is the moment at about eleven am on friday the house appropriations committee chairman rodney freewheeling house then graduate there as someone whose name is constantly mispronounced misspelled and felt but no no confusion around his message he is against this bill that felt like the deathknell in that moment when you eventually when when you heard about him what did you think would happen that's them i thought this bill is dead i mean how can you have the powerful chairman of the appropriations committee against the bill that just doesn't seem tenable so privately about an hour later paul ryan is going to the white house to meet with trump and tell him that they don't have the votes publicly the white house is still maintaining mrs going to happen sean spicer comes out like a dead men walking and gives his his eyes are dead and his energy as 'lobbies like justices said we put it all out on the field which is not what saying that is not what you say so it's pretty telling i think that's that's when you're the coach the team that got beat march madness by like fifty points.

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