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Re listening on spotify five that link to this music youtube music there of band camp if you want to buy it off amazon. Yes yeah actually. If you go to ban camp you could buy the song and you could pay a little extra more if you fill in generous yet. We're we're doing and campbell. Is that band camp down. You heard of that. It's a good one for like you know is it. Is it almost like a soundcloud. But really i'm gonna i'm gonna purchase mind song right now. I i really. Everybody wants shorter field on mind. Put put into chat again The link to the the. I'm going going going to be i Once i get a chance. I'm going to purchase this song. This is a young man who is out here believing in his music He's hyperfocused great product and we'll be playing his music until we can't play it. No more. I appreciate it. And i want you guys if you don't mind because i got a funny feeling. Cj we're going to be online one day and you're gonna see zales face right on the marquee they go mclean right right and traveling the world. I i just since from you man. I'm excited that you here. I want everybody to if you don't mind purchase this particular song from this young man and let's support what he does in his movement each and every day singer city what we do we'll take a quick break and i want you to hang out with us while we do the news and who i'm here. Okay cool just hang out with. We'll be right back. Talk book home. Every time i lied doubt parking believed without promise been in. They mentioned my skin. There could have been my client. The debt on the kid so wrapped up pulled up in the judge others league slowly home melanin look at the products that we may still panting change in the done. No less than anyone never listen. Anyone put that on everything. Baby seems russia slum the maybe his way to media always betrayed a black father how we capitalize on the back of house. He does in my brothers. I see mascot trap squatters hidden trout back harder. Sometimes you look in the mirror and really analyze the superpowers that you've been given maximize. I used to own thirty halls in the project. Travel cost the call. The flagship cabinet seems because battle. Anything would know gordon. Villain homes every corner elba's rally a gained because maybe shot mass league a grip that quebec everybody clap zealots. Say looking at the door cam right this. Hello good morning doing looking at say. Good morning to them to meet you. Sidney filling them with a ones that is air. Yes they had one more shot out to my girl fabulous. She loves your music. Everybody loves ej silver fox. You gotta get this bro. Yup your purchase on your Zoe's name of the song named song as your black title you could find an oil platforms. I'm purchasing this song immediately. J. right now today soon. Get a chance to to hand. Mind when everybody else. If you're no mom please support this young man. This is a great song. I'm not saying this you know is you know a wack song and you'll support like no. This is a great song as great music Please go. And i just said. He said he has great. But i gotta keep working. I want to see what the reaction is from phen listeners and the people who listen to my music and that's a great attitude to have that keeps you that keeps you going to another level you don't wanna be satisfied year I do enjoy but it's just like i'm always questioning. I okay let me is it. Just media enjoys it. People joining i gotta so at twenty six Because when i was twenty six. I think i was smoking a lot of weed and all type of things are you are you. Are you judge know anyway. You started with my stories. Ask sean shut up against the weedon the hennessy and all that are you doing that in moderation young man. Yeah absolutely moderation. Always okay because uh always in moderation. Because you don't want anything like uncle yonkers sean. China musicians it goes with the territory. I with the image of the culture. I totally disagree. They use it you know to for their influence. No butcher bottle for your birthday. thank you thank you. I totally disagree with sunny. I am a performer myself. I perform sober sober. That was my choice. Because i had to be because i was you know. I'm i'm alcoholism and drug abuse. Have over here. No doubt and i'll share. I'm i'm giving zell. You have a great talent. And i'm just giving you the colefax from my experience Yeah everything in moderation right you are. You are tremendously talented. And i don't want you to have a derailment from we'd the alcohol in vagina around learning and then by four as out. Here i want. You said you hyper focus moderation. Are you single. Relationship was going on here. I don't even know. Am i gonna have to go. No farther even going to get started with There's a whole potpourri of vagina going on for him. Exactly what he's he's twenty six he's telling everybody riches he's out there smashing on you got the story popping. John was telling girls focused on my music girl. You know how it is appreciated but you now focus. Stop the show yesterday of nasa's in there. Yeah thank you so much. You look absolutely beautiful yesterday. You and your whole crew but zell again Your creativity in just from you already know you're hearing the same things over and over again but you're going to hear from me Please stay focused and not too much of the blunts stupid blunts stupid. We'd even though you do have it for inspiration. i get it. it might open up the mind. Trust me doesn't you can do the same things without it right. Don't end and not too much sound young man. Not too much of the hennessy. Right yeah more bomasang. Not the hannah's homicide right. They're not going to be smart about it. We don't want to jinx. Paul pietsch is up for liquor liquor liberties. I'm just saying this. That damn hennessy's the w drink. I got locked up before drinking innocent. And i want you to stay away from all of that as much as you can reframe. You don't wanna have this these these mind Ultra in changing chemicals in your body right All the time. Because i'm telling you right now that is gonna stop your creativity. He's musician he's ordering. What does that guy do with alcohol. In we'd how many recording artists do it sober and have great music. I dare you to ask yourself that. Question john lewis musician. Yeah yeah yeah. He used to be in a group called k. Connection crew switched over to the source. Yeah we're talking about stores..

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