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I was in baltimore for some fight i can't remember so long ago but i really not one wagner it year he passed away uh this test that's why jiang over us that's right he was foreseeable is he 46 as 45 forty eight forty nine man a man y'all i met him once i actually owned do but bowling pro shopping england baroni where he reached prominent easter coming in visit and buy stuff and invited me to a ballroom boxing you know as a vip and it was just amazing 'cause i went on for a while right the book cookie out years interest act this was two thousand seven to meet lenny more and a few other dignitaries or there is just a at night i'm not a boxing fan but it was just a very nice event and he was so such good for the sport and it's a shame that you'd have these calling so now i should mention i i i was covering the fights to somebody and and tell sara gusa was was due in his radio show they're all due in of brit play by play or something i mean i just i just remember he was there any out of fear of he was he was that he was working ringside or something i can't donald fight uncontrolled by was though knob also i found in nature when they were talking about the combine the uh barclays um uh is we're not just relative irs the boxer uh bush it i've in iraq iran barkley we are who's this it was his like second causing or second whatever you know he was there were lated family my wife i ran from the bronx right now i think he won they shitty one three championships barkley to actually knocked off her knocked out thomas hearns those little good old days botching ah yes yes it was thanks for the call.

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