President Trump, New York Times, FBI discussed on Rick and Bubba Show


The hour. Sponsored by Liberty Mutual insurance. I'm Pam Coulter. The White House is disputing a New York Times report that says President Trump is not the self made billionaire that he claims to be that his father actually funneled more than four hundred million dollars to him over decades money that was shielded by questionable tax schemes. Mcclatchy White House correspondent Franko or don't or Donas says Mr. Trump supporters don't care about his taxes. The republicans. You know, this is going to be a situation where like look, this is another example of a New York Times attacking a president using materially. Oh that is you know, scandalous. I mean that people a lot of people knew these type of things before, and you know, they voted for many ways. Government officials are scrutinizing a letter addressed to President Trump that had the same date as two letters sent to the Pentagon which tested positive for rice and more from CBS's David Martin, no one at the male facility was harmed in the secretary of defense is out. Out of the country. The letter addressed to him contained a five by card with handwriting on it. We don't know what it said. But it will become an important clue to finding the person who sent these letters both to the Pentagon and President Trump. Mr. Trump was in Mississippi tonight stumping for Senator Cindy, Hyde Smith, he stressed the need to elect more Republicans in November all of the Democrats know, and all they really know how to do is obstruct resist demolish destroy and delay the president also mocked the woman who says supreme court nominee Brad Kavanagh sexually assaulted her. When they were teenagers. The FBI is investigating CBS's Nancy Cortes, the FBI is under orders to complete its pro this week and Kavanagh's confirmation could hinge on the findings leader McConnell is bowing to hold the vote this week to how much time do you plan to give senators to read and digest the? FBI findings before you hold a vote shouldn't take law. Sorry, talking hours a day. Rated as quickly.

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