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It's better at Burke and Herbert Bank at your service since 18 52 Jack Taylor w T o p traffic, Mike Senator with our forecast right now, coming through the region, we still have some light rain associated with that front. That'll end by 9 A.m. later today, turning sunny and breezy. Hi this morning in the middle of our fifties and temperatures will fall by late morning behind the front tonight. Clear, colder with diminishing winds almost fall into the thirties well, turned partly cloudy on Tuesday with highs only around 50. Mostly cloudy on Wednesday highs mid upper fifties mild on Thanksgiving day with rain showers highs in the low to mid sixties Friday, partly sunny skies highs near 60. I'm starting forwards my extent offered Right now we have 57 degrees and Laurel 58 it Farragut Square 58 in Rosslyn brought to you by patient First physicians, X rays, lab tests and prescription drugs with 20 D C Metro area medical centers. It's 6 41 and this just into the newsroom this morning, we now know the name of the three month old panda cub at the National Zoo. The name is she out Chiggy. It means little miracle in English. It was one of the four options that the public could vote on last week, although only about 130 5000 people actually did vote. It may be a while before you can see that new cub. Though the zoo is closed indefinitely, beginning today, I thought Larry would have been perfect. I guess they went more traditional. Another covert vaccine is showing promising results. That's two full doses of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine were 62% effective against covert 19. But the regimen where we gave a half dose first and then gave a full dose is the second dose. A month later,.

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