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Krill investigation. Your honor must consider what the district attorney Andrew Womble disputed the brown family attorneys description of a short clip of the video. Womble says deputies opened fire after Brown's car became a threat when they tried to arrest him on drug charges last week. The judge says he believes the video contains information that could not only harm the investigation, but Could also threaten the safety of people seen in the footage. Three Georgia men will now face federal hate crime charges for the shooting death of Ahmad Armory. The Justice Department indict father and son Gregory and Travis McMichael, as well as William Brian for attacking Armory in a residential neighborhood last year and shooting a video of the encounter. Meantime, officials in Lynn give their approval to a black lives matter Mural in the city. The story from WBC's Carl Stevens, the installation of a black lives matter. Mural was first proposed last year by two seniors from Lynn English High School at first It was our position on the council because of its location there in City Hall Square. But in the end, even those who first opposed the mural like counselor Rick Starbird voted yes, over the course of the past year. I've seen a lot of divisiveness in the city. I'm hoping that this will help bring folks together rather than push us apart. Just before the unanimous vote of approval of the council president Darren's here put on official covering walk over to those two high school seniors. Give him a hug. Carl Stevens, WBC Boston's news radio. State. 18 Clouds Fog 49 here in Boston this morning coronavirus maybe receding, but it's still a menace. Even to the men and women in Blue Cove. It doesn't draw the line when it comes to cops. New Bedford pays tribute now to a police sergeant lost to the illness. Bedford Police have announced that Sergeant Mike Cassidy has died after a battle with covert 19. Sergeant Cassidy joined the department 1994. After serving the Marine Corps and Desert Storm. He rose to the ranks and their numerous citations and commendations for his military and police servers from the city, the Commonwealth and the U. S. Senate. He also received a New Bedford Lifesaving Award in 2006. And as recently as 2018 Acting Police chief Paul Olivera said in a statement that Cassidy quote was a proud officer who served with his whole heart. New Bedford Mayor John Mitchell, also releasing a statement saying that Cassidy was quote, exemplary, respected and well liked, also calling him a for Friend. Mayor Mitchell has ordered all flags that city buildings to be lowered to half staff in honor of Cassidy. Arrangements will be announced at a later date. Tim Don WBZ Boston's news radio. Open cases are in fact falling and more than half the country these days down almost 25% of the past two weeks, the nation is averaging 54,000 infections every day. Hot spots still flare up like this time in Oregon. Where case rates and hospitalizations air now through the roof. One third of the state's counties will begin severe restrictions tomorrow. Motoring in the motor city, CBS News correspondent Allison Keyes says in the push to get people vaccinated there. The mayor of Detroit is making an offer Many can't refuse. Getting Monday, Mayor Mike Duggan says good neighbors who signed up to drive their neighbors to get a call that 19 shot will get paid. They'll get a debit card as soon as the person gets a shot, MasterCard Advertisers with $50 Take it, Spend it wherever you like. It's yours. Plus, people could get paid again. If they drive someone to get a second shot, and they could bring up to three patients in a single car and be paid for all three. This in a city where younger people are getting serious cases of covert 19 and a quarter of those in the hospital need ventilators. Allison Keyes, CBS News and in West Virginia, the state is offering $100 savings bonds to that state's youth just to get vaccinated. New grocery store in Mansfield is going to feature a fresh, new look and even fresher produce. The owners describe it as a mix of whole foods and trader Joe's, but on a smaller scale and with a rustic feel We want the customers to feel like they're walking into an old local community. Moloch grocery store robbed Crew finale and Michael Ray plan to open Mansfield Farms fresh market at the site of the old Benny's on Copeland Dr. Crew finale who owns Richmond Farms. Fresh market in Rhode Island, says they're focusing on fresh produce and lower price. Says. We do not use the middleman and we don't use wholesalers in our business. I'm able to buy direct eliminating the middleman or middle woman she passing along savings the customers, so that really addresses a better product. We have roughly 90% cheaper than bigger box stores for produce. They plan to open the new market by mid June. Kevin Tom, a Cliff WBZ Boston's news radio piece of colonial history has been saved following a church fire in Williamstown, although the church in the Berkshires was heavily damaged. The bell made in the Boston foundry of Paul Revere salvaged, church members say, even though the bell was badly black, and they believe it can be cleaned and restored. It's a 21 will check your drive to work. Next. Listening to WBZ during your commute is an easy.

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