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Crimes of Passion


Around one thirty A. M. on August Thirteenth Shannon landed in Denver. She got a ride home from her friend and fellow Lavelle. Sales Rep Nikki Atkinson. She arrived at the house just before to. Chris was asleep when she got home but he woke up when she climbed into bed. He felt her stirring. She seemed restless. Unable TO FALL ASLEEP CHRIS SAMBA. Shannon began stroking his chest. He turned to face her and they had sex. He later said it felt strange like it was some kind of test. It was as if Shannon and wanted to know whether or not they still had a functional marriage. It felt wrong to Chris. He since that Shannon knew about his affair and he would soon have to come clean after they had sex. Chris fell asleep. He woke up early the next morning. Around four a M. He got ready for work then. Woken up to talk. He felt they had to have a discussion before he left the house. He later said he was worried that Shanahan might be on the verge of leaving him and taking the kids with her. He didn't want to go to work until they had at least talk things out as Chris sat on the bed looking down at Shinhan. He realized he didn't know what he wanted to say. Did he want to save his marriage right now or end it? He wasn't sure he wasn't even sure who he was anymore. He didn't feel like a husband or a father. At that moment he felt like he was inhabited by a stranger. The old Chris had spent his entire life walking down a set path. One where the road felt safe and familiar beneath his feet now. The Stranger in his head was beckoning him toward the darkness and suddenly. Chris couldn't seem to find his footing. Chris saw Shannon was crying. She knew it was over. The Path was in shambles. The old Chris founded all horrifying so he left. The Stranger take over. He became a new version. Chris and this one was filled with rage.

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